My number one purpose is for all to know they are love, loved and loving.

I do that by simply going about my day working, eating, playing, relaxing and expressing some thoughts that bubble up from time to time through writing, graphic design and project management.

In order to survive on this planet I work for a company. I used to do freelance work until it became very apparent that stable income was needed in order to provide food and shelter for myself. I do not enjoy what I do but am grateful to the people who provide payment in exchange for the work I do.

Experience in art direction, project management and graphic design for over 40 years is a significant number.  The uniqueness lies in listening and trusting intuition to get stuff done more quickly and effectively than most.


I look forward to meeting you.

– Wendy


Credentials and experience:

  • Art director and graphic designer for national and international campaigns, 30+ years
  • Reiki Master certificate and volunteer at hospital and hospice
  • Volunteer, Fairview Health Systems – Integrative Energy therapist
  • Spirituality, Health and Healing Course Certificate
  • Energy Medicine Training and Advanced Practicum Certificates
  • Health Kinesiology training (acupressure)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing studies
  • Creator of the LilyTiger Intuitive Wellness System
  • Member, The International Center for Reiki
  • Graphic Design Degree
  • American Heart Heartsaver CPR-AED, In-Pulse CPR, Certificate
  • Ordained Minister, ULC
  • Business owner since 2009
    • IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) – judge
    • Volunteer (schools, community, organizations) 30+ years
  • National Creativity Workshop leader – developed the Brain Flexing Creativity Hours

Thank you!


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