Here’s what some very kind clients had to say about LilyTiger Creative products and services:

Patricia S., Life Coach and Registered Nurse, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Thank YOU! I just [used] the [guidance] cards in a coaching session with a client…They are a great tool in my tool box!”

Roxanne C.,  Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Wendy, I had to tell you again that I really love your [guidance] cards and they are crazy accurate.  I even drew two for my daughter before she left for Italy to join her new husband and got one on new beginning.”

John C., National speaker and teacher, Florida

“I love them. You are so gifted.” (medallions)

Kelly O., Life Coach, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Wendy, First of all, they are ALL BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING!!! I am in tears over mine personally because it could not be a better fit!!!!!!!! I am head over heals in love!!! Thank you so much, your work is magnificent! Thank you! ” (medallions)

Barb K., Minnesota

“I love mine! ” (medallions)

Susie P., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“They look awesome!” (medallions)

Carolyn O.,  Minnesota

“I love the trusting medallion.  I will take that one and wear it over my heart.” (medallion)

Charley N.,  Minnesota

“[my daughter] is crying after getting the medallion that you made for her. She absolutely loves it. I know that it will give her strength in a really trying time. Thanks again!” (Charley sent me a photo of his daughter)

Lhea L., Art Producer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I scheduled a remote  session with Wendy. The energy balance work was a great compliment to my acupuncture. I noticed an energy boost over the next few days, I also felt very positive with a sense of calm and joy.

Wendy also gave me tips on how to keep the energy flowing. I recommend Wendy to anyone who needs an energy boost or balance in their life.”

Barb C., Physical Therapist, Illinois

“I have been treated twice by Wendy. I am amazed and grateful for the results. My first experience was the morning I was to drive my husband home after he had surgery at Mayo clinic. I was not looking forward to a 9 hour drive where I had to do all the driving and was concerned what that might do to my husband’s recent neck surgery. Wendy came to my location and the treatment as directed by the cards was to give me energy, restore balance to my heart chakra and let me speak my truth. The treatment was relaxing and I noticed I was breathing easier and deeper. I made the trip with ease. I had energy, no drowsiness and the day went smoothly. I have chronic back pain and ordinarily long car trips are agony. My sciatic pain gets very ramped up with any ride more than an hour. That day, I had no pain. When I arrived home, I still had energy to get my husband comfortable and settled. The energy has lasted for over a month. I am still going strong.”

“My second treatment was a long distance phone call. I chatted with Wendy on the phone and once again the LilyTiger cards were excellent and accurate. After talking for a little while, Wendy told me she would do the session and call me back. I was to relax. I started the session reading and catching up on email. I felt drawn though. I put the computer aside, closed my eyes and did just relax. When Wendy called back we talked again. This session was directed at balancing my gall bladder chakra. I have had gall bladder symptoms for years and have been told it needs to come out. I have times where I have significant pain under my right lower ribs and behind my left shoulder blade – classic gall bladder pain pattern. This pain is gone. The catch in the back of my throat from acid building up is also gone. I am truly grateful for having received these treatments. It works! Wendy is excellent!”

Curt C., Retired Financial Professional, Illinois

“Energy Balancing got me through a tough day. I was two days post op and riding nine hours in a car. I arrived home rested, not tense and tired. Wendy does great work!”

Jami M., Business owner and Instructional Design Professional, Iowa

“I have received one in-person session from Wendy and one long-distance session, targeting a different issue for each session. The positive effects were felt immediately! I was especially surprised that the long distance session had such a profound effect. Wendy was in Chicago at the time and I was in Iowa, but she performed the LilyTiger card selection process and the chosen card was spot on as to the issue I had told her about. She followed up with a detailed email, complete with pictures of the cards and wooden disc she had created as part of the process. I have felt so positive and full of energy after the sessions. I, too, am a creative person like Wendy and these sessions also help me to focus on my art and be in tune to the creative process.

From Elaine G., Business owner, Minnesota

“Wendy Hurd of LilyTiger impressed me with her professionalism and creativity when I had a session at her studio. Using her unique LilyTiger Intuitive Wellness System, I selected wellness cards that were perfect for the session. As I relaxed on the massage table, I felt my body relax and drifted into a relaxed state. I had arrived with a slight sore throat and just dragging. I felt comfortable, relaxed, and safe at her studio session. I left feeling lighter and the sore throat was gone.

Then I experienced Wendy’s talents from the distance. I was wound up from working on several projects. At the scheduled time, I lied down and waited for the energy to arrive. I received an email saying Wendy was starting the session. A few minutes later, I slowly relaxed and drifted off again. At the time she completed the distance session, my eyes opened and I was relaxed and calmer. Then I read the emails she sent about my session and her findings.

Thank you Wendy for helping me relax and giving me recommendations on how to continue the wonderful energy flow.”

Susie P., Graphics Professional, Minnesota

“When my husband passed away unexpectedly in the beginning of this year, I had no experience with what energy balance is all about. The first time that Wendy performed a holistic energy wellness session on me, I felt my body feeling more relaxed. But the second time … I felt even more relaxed and in peace with myself. In the beginning my body felt really heavy and achy but … could feel both the heaviness and the tension in my body being lifted away.

For me it also helped having a favorite place in my mind to go and letting Wendy work her magic. It was like I dozed off into a sleep and really felt extremely rejuvenated afterwards. I highly recommend Wendy to anybody that are in need of an energy wellness boost.”

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Thank you for your kindness


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