Integrative Art and Writing

Energy Center Illumination. Tree of Light within Aligned with Life.
Brilliant Life Illustration by Wendy

You are invited to consider the possibility that the past can change. It is possible to thrive after traumatic experiences. Look further and learn how to shift PTSD into a “Person Thriving and Surviving Daily.” What if you suddenly woke up one day and felt genuine, fully accepted love for the first time in your life?

The Illumination Process

About the Tree of Light Illustration

Illumination Despite a Hostile Environment

Sacred Name Symbols

How to Make Your Own Quantum Name Symbol

Wendy Hurd flips observations of daily life upside town and inside out. The genuine sharing of perspectives shine a light on the dark moments and bring hope to those craving to know they are loved.


The views and verse contained within the layers of this digital format create a realm in which the reader is invited to feel that which has never been felt before. To evolve from numb and hopeless to discovery of that which has always been there, the source of creativity.


Graphic Design


Thank you.

©2023.  Wendy Hurd of LilyTiger Creative. All rights reserved.
No claims made to cure or diagnose any condition. Please consult with a certified health professional before making any life changes.

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