Tree of Light

I express gratitude for the guidance received this morning to further simplify the illuminated energy centers. There are 6 energy centers. The 7th being you/we in the center.

Energy center illumination with the 6 new chakras

The tree of light illustrates how we are one with nature. 6 new chakras centered. The 7th chakra being the tree with roots reaching down into the earth. Branches reaching out to all.

Tree of light with the 6 new chakras

Illumination Meditation for the 6 new energy centers:  

⁃    Stand with your feet hip-distance apart or with them touching or seated with both feet on the ground.
⁃    Close your eyes. Roll your shoulders back.
⁃    Balance the right and left hemispheres of your brain. The masculine and feminine energies. Place your hands in prayer position in front of your heart. Press your thumbs into your sternum at the center of your chest.
⁃    Bend your knees slightly. Come up on the balls of your feet and then place your heels lightly on the floor.
⁃    Imagine a string pulling the top of your head up to the sky. Your spine aligning gently like a strand of beautiful pearls.
⁃    Take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
⁃    Connect with your highest source, your divine source within, your guides and spirits of light that wish to help you today.
⁃    Open your eyes. If you feel dizzy, please sit down.
⁃    Starting from the top of your head, tap lightly from the top of your head all the way down your face, neck, arms, body, legs and down to your feet.
⁃    Pause at your feet.
⁃    Visualize a warm red light. That warm red light extends like roots from the bottom of your feet into the earth. The earth light gives us a connection to our past and the stability to move forward. Feel safe with the earth, it is always with you.
⁃    Bring that warm red light up the roots through your feet and up your legs. Pat your feet and your legs all the way up to your belly button.
⁃    Rest both of your hands on your belly button. Visualize an orange light. Here at the belly button, where you were once connected to your mother. Receiving nourishment and love. You intuitively know everything you need to create for yourself and the group.
⁃    Move your hands from your belly button. Bring your hands in front of you with your palms facing up. Feel a yellow light. The yellow light helps you give and receive. It helps you manifest for a healthy sense of self. Bring your hands together, give gratitude for all that is. Receive that yellow light and give thanks for the strength and purpose. Pause. Breathe
⁃    Bring your hands now to your heart. Visualize the color green.  Pause with your hands at your heart center at the center of your chest. Feel the green color within you. It fills your lungs with each breath. And with each breath it then radiates out like wings. Visualize the green light extending out as far as you can imagine and further. You are spreading unconditional love, peace and compassion for yourself and others.
⁃    Move your hands out and up as if they are giant wings or the branches of a beautiful tree. The green leaves giving life. Sway and fly.
⁃    Now bring your hands up each arm, wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug. Receive that green light full of unconditional love and compassion. Breathe it all in.
⁃    Move your hands up to your face. Place a hand on each cheek. Visualize a silver blue light. This silver blue light radiates out from your 3rd eye. Visualize  the silver blue light that helps you communicate with your spiritual guides, your soul and the souls of others. The silver blue light is much like the silver blue clouds of the sky. Pause and know you are connected to spirit and your soul, receiving crystal-clear guidance every moment. Breathe.
⁃    Gently trace your nose, cheeks, ears and the back of your head. Up and around your forehead.
⁃    Be with the blue light. Breathe it in. Exhale it out.
⁃    We’re now at the top of your head. Bring both hands up, way up above your head. As far as you can comfortably reach. Feel a violet light filling the space between your hands. Visualize a white light with gold flecks extending as far up above your head as you can imagine. The light takes you places you have never been before. Here you have a divine connection and release hidden truths.
⁃    Wiggle your fingers and sprinkle that white light over your body.
⁃    With your hands extended up above your head, reach up and then bring them out to either side as if in a bubble. See the white light extending out and protecting you. Bring your hands down toward the earth where the earth protects you. Breathe and know you are safe.
⁃    Close with both hands together at your heart center. Rub them together briskly. Place one on each side of your face and open your eyes.
⁃    Welcome back to the present moment.
⁃    Thank you!




Energy Center Illumination. Tree of Light within Aligned with Life.
Energy Center Illumination. Tree of Light within Aligned with Life.

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