Sacred Geometry Basics and Sacred Name Symbols

Preparing information for a group discussion at Jill Sand Wellness Consultant’s place on February 1st. I feel honored to present information about Sacred Geometry and how I create the Sacred Name Healing Medallions. At the discussion, I will also guide the group through an Illuminated Energy Center meditation.

Here is some very, very basic information about sacred geometry:

The following is an excerpt from

There is a ton of information out there to be found. My interpretation here is to simplify and apply it to the journey of love and light each of us is worthy of.

SACRED GEOMETRY is an ancient science and a sacred language. It is a key to understanding the way the universe is designed because it is the most fundamental of all the laws of Nature. This language has the ability to balance and inform. Images, designs, glyphs, and symbols provide us with an avenue to awaken archetypal knowledge. The vibration alone is a powerful tool for the subconscious and super-conscious mind to say aha!

The circle represents eternity, unity, oneness, cyclic law, continuity, creation, center, macrocosm, everlasting life. The Circle is a line beginning at a point and traveling in a curve until it returns to the same point; it has no beginning and no end. The true circle is ever-expanding, representing manifestation. It also represents 360 degrees – whole truth, rather than a partial truth of 180 degrees (the triangle).

The line represents the principle of duality, or the law of opposites.

An equal-arm cross represents fairness, balance, justice and equality. The point of intersection in the equal-arm cross represents the heart of balance in our higher nature and lower nature (spirit and matter).

The hexagram (Six Pointed Star) represents the balance of masculine and feminine energies. It is the higher and lower aspects of self merging, blending, integrating and fusing.


Symbols contain a seed of greater benefit, a doorway to the inner realms, revealing a hidden truth to be discovered in divine right time and order. Symbols abound, in nature, dreams, people, situations, answers to questions suggested by the mere offering of the symbol. The presence of a symbol is a type of guiding light, a beacon of illumination heralding the way to higher learning.

Thank you to LeeAnn Fagan Dzelzkalns for the information above.


I have been practicing geometric designs as a graphic designer for over 30 years. After a series of personal traumas, I  began searching for greater meaning and my soul purpose. I discovered energy medicine and now combine graphic arts with healing arts.


A version of the seed of life was revealed to me in 2014. I combined the Seed of life with an equal-armed cross to create the Aligned with Life symbol. This symbol brings together life with alignment. A heavenly view from above of the top of a magnificent tree. And most importantly, the justice and equality for all to know they are safe and worthy of receiving joy and love.



Every letter of the English alphabet is found in the Aligned with Life Symbol. Therefore, if every letter is found in one symbol,  we are all connected. One symbol represents all words and all names.




In my practice, the intent for the medallions is to help an individual heal. I honor the unique individual by morphing the shape to reflect each individual’s sacred essence and guidance from a divine source for the greatest good. Each Sacred Name Symbol begins with the basic shape but then takes on it’s own unique personality reflecting the soul.

Your given name is sacred. The geometric symbol created from the letters of your name expresses a resonance, unique to the needs of your energetic vibrations. You could say each also carries a specific tune.


An example here is the name “Jill.” Jill’s energy needs differ from day to day. Divine guidance may be directing  a linear energy for spiritual connection or a more circular design.Sacred-geometry-sacred-name-jill.png



A medallion is made by transferring the symbol to the wooden disc and then color is applied based on a Guidance Card reading. The colors correlate to the energy centers: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and white. Each medallion is infused with the healing sound vibrations of Tibetan Singing bowls. I also encourage adding a drop of your favorite essential oil. The wood welcomes the oil and the fragrance lingers for hours.


Sacred name symbols are also added to the tree of light or the aligned with life symbol. Here you see the Sacred Name Symbols for Jill and Cammy.



The medallions and images can be purchased online for a very reasonable price.


LilyTiger Creative shop site


Thank you for your time. Please contact with any questions. I provide remote healing sessions in addition to the healing medallions, poster images, symbols and Guidance Cards.


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