Quantum Name Symbol Instructions

Every letter of the English alphabet contained within the Aligned with Life Symbol
Every letter of the alphabet contained within the Aligned with Life Symbol

Based on geometry for quantum connection which creates an illumination key.
The key raises vibrations from 3D to higher dimensions and connection with source.
Create for self or others with the intent of sending healing streams of grace for the greatest good of all.

Click to access november-2016-name-symbols-class-handout.pdf

Above is the link to the pdf of the class handout. It has practice sheets and more information.

Step by step

Step 1:     Set intention to send only healing streams of grace for the greatest good of all

Step 2:     Employ whatever ritual works for you. Sage, clearing, music, candle, essential oils, bells, drums, meditation, dancing, speaking, etc.

Step 4:     Gather materials
–     paper, pen, pencil, wood disks, Derwent colored pencils, sharpie marker, wood-burning pen, circle template, straight edge, cards, drill, length of hemp cord for wearing medallion, cup for water, small brush, and other accessories as needed/wanted.

Step 4:     Ground and trust

Step 5:    Connect with your soul or the soul of the individual you are making the symbol for.
Write name on paper. Ask for permission to create symbol and send healing
streams of grace.

Step 6:    Choose cards (optional) and draw symbol.

Step 7:    Transfer symbol to disk

Step 8:    Use wood burning pen to trace symbol

Step 9:    Embellish the medallion
–     texture with wood burning pen
–     color with watercolor pencils
–     add charms, cord, crystals, essential oils, sound vibrations

Step 10:    Infuse with healing streams of grace

Step 11:    Give thanks

Links to Medallion Supplies

Note: Make sure to take advantage of the shop’s coupons. I use the 50% off coupon and only buy things at half price.







A better deal on the Derwent Watercolor pencils:



Have fun and let me know if you have any questions.


Love, Wendy


Sacred Name Healing Medallion by Wendy of LilyTiger Creative
Sacred Name Healing Medallion

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