The Veil is Thin

Sitting in the metaphysical discussion group at a wonderful place called Guided by Angels, the question was asked, “But why did my grandfather choose to come forward now after so many years of trying to connect with him?” There sat a young woman with porcelain skin, black curly hair tied back loosely – the perfect picture of a good witch. Even her eye make up was spot on with the black details at the corners of her eyes. Oh! And her little dog lie next to her on the leather sofa, asleep. She replied, “Well, because the veil is thin.”

Metaphysical groups come in all variations, but this one was the most loving, kind and gentle group I had ever experienced. Sitting calmly with gentle gazes, on leather sofas and chairs, were nine individuals. I was new to the group, in town for the week and drawn to the location after reaching out to a friend in town. Perhaps it was me as well, for the people I see before me are reflections of myself.

This is the story of how, after 55 years, I am getting to know my paternal grandfather for the first time.

Where do I start?

When I was small, my mother would tell the story in a tone filled with pixie-like energy, “Your father is adopted you know! His name was James Michael and he has the adoption papers but he doesn’t know his real parents.” Fascinated for another 40+ years, my sister and I decided to try to stop guessing who our grandparents were and somehow talked my dad into starting the process of finding his birth parents. He had the name of the agency and other details but to find out more information, he had to contact  and make a formal request, pay a bit of money and wait.

Wait. Wait. And then the call came. The letter saying his birth family had been contacted and that it was now up to them if they choose to reach out and communicate. And she did! When my father was almost 70 years old, he got a message from his real sister! My sister and I were so excited! We found our grandmother’s name and that she had died in 1984. And from there we did ancestry research.

But the name of our grandfather was not on the records. We asked questions. We reached out every way we knew how. Was it a neighbor, a boyfriend, a one-night stand with a soldier? It was 1939 and so much was going on. Plus our grandmother was Roman Catholic. But I won’t get into that right now.

This is about my grandfather.

I mentioned the place, Guided by Angels, where the metaphysical group was meeting on a windy Thursday evening. I was drawn to the friendly people and good energy. Earlier in the week I had attended a meditation. Good one. Enjoyed it. Returned on Tuesday for a class about essential oils. Learned a lot. Returned Wednesday evening for a group called Practice your Gifts or something like that.

“What do you do in a group called that?” you ask. Well, it turned out to be a group of people who gather regularly to practice only good energy intuitive skills such as angel card readings, mediumship, quantum healing, visions, manifesting, and so much more. Light and love and only positive intent. It’s not what some of you are thinking. Nobody showed up wearing all black and wearing a pointed hat, carrying a broom. Although some might have flew in. Just kidding.

I introduced myself to the group, “I have many intuitive gifts. I’m here to help and do whatever is needed.” We were all seated on the leather sofas, some standing. Some at ease. Some anxious. And then the owner of the space invited us to gather in small groups and sit together. In the back room were four tables, two bright blue and two bright green with matching chairs.

Sitting with a two individuals, I invited the one young woman to start off with her angel card readings, which she did. Very nice. Very positive. And then I looked at the person sitting across from me and encouraged her to share her gift of channeling angelic messages by writing them down in a beautiful book. She looked at me, wrote one thing down and paused.

During the pause a woman walks over to the table, chats for a little bit and then looks me in the eyes very intensely. “I must tell you. YOU have a male spirit standing behind you. A father or grandfather. Has your father passed?” I replied, “No. He’s alive.” She said, “Well it’s your grandfather then. Your father’s father. He died of a heart condition.”

To which I replied, “Well, that’s interesting because I doubt it’s my father’s adopted father. See my father was adopted and I’ve been searching for his birth father. Years.” She replied with excitement, “Yes, that is who it is. He says he is here to protect you and be your guide. He’s very insistent. You have great gifts to share and he wants to help you. You are doing very good work.”

Wow. We’ve all seen this on TV or heard of it happening. But the most important thing is, when something like this happens to embrace with an open heart. When a very loving spirit comes through and you choose to connect and receive the love, amazing things happen. I cannot say this enough, if you choose to connect with loving spirit, it will change your life. Pure love. Not romantic love. It’s an essence that cannot be described. You simply feel it and know it. Brilliant light, comforting, beautiful, peaceful. I could go on and on. The best word is love but there has to be another way to communicate the essence because the word love is over-used.

And amazing things are happening every second of my life. At first, he came to me in my thoughts throughout the evening. “I am here to hold your hand. I want to be with you as you travel this journey, take you by the hand as a very small child and lead to you safety.” I am crying now as I type this. As I did the evening his message came through to me.

Why now? Why when I am 55 years old? Because the veil is thin? Perhaps. But more importantly for the first time in my life, I love myself. Yes. And when a person loves themselves, they receive and gift love unconditionally.

As I mentioned, I have many intuitive gifts. One of them is connecting with spirit and typing their messages to me or others. So that’s what I did the next day, I connected with my grandfather and channeled his messages. He has a lot to say. A chatter box, like me. Filled with loving kindness. I trust him.

I didn’t know what to expect. You know how you hear and are told to place an intention and then let it go? To stop trying? Well, I had done that, I had stopped looking for my grandfather and then ta da! Here he is.

He likes to be called “Super G” because he showed me a cape and to me he is a super hero.

In my next blog post I will share with you the work we are doing together. As Super G holds my hand along my life journey.






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