Awareness of joy = more joy

First of all, I want to thank you for reading this passage. Thank you for your loving attention to the words I express. My number one intent is for everyone to know they are love, loved and loving.

If we manifest awareness of something, does it make it more prevalent?

Like begets like. You know. There is real truth in it. So why do we, as human beings take actions to bring on more of what we say we do not want? Is it simply a matter of, “I don’t feel good, therefore I am going communicate in such a way that you feel the same way I do.”? I’ve been there many times. But why? Seems like there is a logical first step to raise the vibration. And that is to ONLY ORGANIZE EVENTS OF KINDNESS AND LOVE.

As a point of reference, I am going to share with you one of my passions: never march or give money to a cause that brings awareness to more suffering. And there are a bunch of them. You know, yes you know.

Any kind of suffering awareness days and celebrations and events are included on my list. Not that we should ignore our loved ones, but think about what would happen if we promoted awareness of only loving kindness and joy. Honor those who experienced the situation but then DO NOT CELEBRATE THEIR SUFFERING. Oh my. Honestly, if anyone who has survived being tortured by medical treatments, was to tell you the truth, they would say they do NOT want to be pitied or re-live the experience over and over and over again. And to have the suffering celebrated. That’s ludicrous. Having statues and parks dedicated to suffering is the equivalent of having statues and parks dedicated to individuals who supported torture of others. Not to mention parades, events, RACES, organizations, funding, studies and endless other ways of creating more suffering.

STOP celebrating suffering. START celebrating loving kindness and joy. START celebrating your brilliance and light.

Yes, I can say this with complete genuine love of myself. I now and forever place a boundary on all celebrations of suffering. I only welcome loving kindness that supports my wellness and living my life to it’s fullest potential without remorse or pity.

I remember after I had completed a year of treatments, my sister pointed out a statue at a park that celebrated cancer. It was horrifying. Why, why, WHY would I want to relive the torture again and again? I choose to move forward with dignity and respect for myself. Honor the experience as that of a manifestation and then move on, knowing that I can manifest joy and wellness in my life.

When you see someone in a photo at a celebration of suffering, you’ll see them with a smile. That smile is not one of joy. It is a polite smile. Like the child who has just broken her arm smiles for a photo because she has been told over and over and over again to smile for the camera. What if, instead, the individual SCREAMED bloody horror at the camera? Would we finally get it? Would we finally realize that what we are doing to one another is completely backwards?

Being labeled as one who has suffered is discrimination. It places the person in a category. It is a label. We are not separate from one another, we are reflections of each other.

To keep the joy to ourselves is like greed. The miser who won’t give money to the poor. But once our hearts open up and we start giving, we realize there is more than enough for everyone. Have you ever, for just the pure joy and love of it, given $20 or $100 to someone just because you felt like it? Not because you wanted something in return. Not because you felt sorry for them. Just because your soul aligned with your body and mind, you reached your hand into your pocket and you extended that pure love and joy to another.

It’s simple. And profound. It takes one person and has an exponential effect, reverberating throughout all dimensions of time and space. Keep doing it over and over until that’s all there is. Simple. Keep going, no mater what. Use that resilience, that stubbornness, that passion, that anger and transform it into something that changes everything.

ManKIND! ManKIND! I’m speaking to all of you out there. I am shouting, whispering. Demonstrating. Pleading. Thanking. Choose to embrace the essence of pure love, equality and harmony. We are equal. There is no need to be better. There is no need to compete. There is enough air for all of us to breath. Enough light for all of us. Enough darkness. There is enough of all of us. For we are the light, the darkness, the air.

Thank you.



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