Supercede Higher Integration of Time

Gratitude Medallions. Hand made art by Wendy Hurd

Let it be known to all aware and unaware that the little ones unseen mourn you as you die. Their number one job is to bring light to you at your darkest moments and when they fail, they mourn you and their failure for one thousand years.

It seems there are many, many failures now so there are an extraordinary number of little ones mourning for one thousand years each. This turbulence has more effect on Mother Earth than any environmental action or practice or situation.

Be aware in your decisions, as they have a greater impact than the struggles and sadness of life.

These words give hope to the little ones. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. I love you.

And so the love of the earth supercedes so much of the human condition and actions that would otherwsie destroy. There is no manipulation needed, just a simple farewell to the segment of the mind closed off to loving kindness. Ah yes, there you go. If it is not possible to set the mind aside, simple awareness of the segment shines the light so necessary for the ascension of the ultimate expression of all.

There is uniqueness. Celebrate the diversity. Celebrate the choices and the expressions brought into each awareness and dimensions aware and unaware.

Like ping pong. Back and forth. Slow. Fast. Joyful. Be the ball. Be the paddles. Be those who play. Be the table. Be the net. BE the parts of the experience. But do not be the rules. For the rules are that which hold you back.

And so it is.


Thank you. I am Wendy Who Walks With Wildflowers. I am brilliant, creative, patient, joyful, clear, connected, kind, loving and loved. AHO


Human experience

Wendy Hurd. LilyTiger Energy Healing

Souls connect on a different level when they’ve mastered the art of human survival. They then seek out others so the wisdom can be shared. To have come close to death is to know the joy of the human experience.

I felt inspired by a circle discussion from a few days ago. A woman talked about how joyful it is to experience life in a human body that can taste, feel, see, hear. She was giddy. It is very true but some of us don’t think of life like that until we have come close to death or have died and returned. To be experiencing life on earth in human form is truly a unique experience. When we connect with our spirit guides, remember that it may be hard work for them to speak with words that we are accustomed to hearing. Ask for guidance and then listen for the words but also watch for symbols and signs of guidance. Be aware. Also be with yourself in silence. Just be. The guidance is there. Give it permission to reveal itself for you as you journey.

LilyTiger Wellness. Souls connect on a different level when they've mastered the art of human survival.