I have been with you your entire life

A personal update and an important part of a grounded view on this journey of a Person Thriving and Surviving Daily.

Recently, the universe aligned in such a way to allow me to relocate. The important part is that I received the gift. To know I am loved and to know that I am worthy of setting myself free has been of utmost brilliance. Not brilliant as in genius mind but of brilliant light of loving kindness.

I heard the words, “think of yourself” mixed with other words of encouragement. I then checked in with myself and my life companion on a job relocation opportunity. “Yes” was the resounding response and “Why would you not do this?”

The drain was then unclogged and everything flowed freely for the first time in many years. Stagnant no more, I find creativity in every moment.

Creativity as in creating a life of loving kindness. Creating a life of thriving.

And thus,  I share and teach that which is genuine truth in overcoming a life started in trauma. I life built upon a traumatic experience is now a life of undefined moments of gratitude prompted by the essence of angels on earth.

At one point someone told me to come back into my body. I did and on a time continuum, it has taken years but here a now it is simply what is. There are things we need to do as humans to survive with the basics – work to provide financial resources to in turn provide our bodies with that which allows us to know we are safe so that we may create, nourish, love, communicate, intuit and express the ultimate version of ourselves.

The relocation is also a transition is also a deployment. The mission is to experience life free of constant deflection and self-protection from the toxic environment in which I barely existed for decades.

Some might say I was fine. I wasn’t fine. Maybe a sarcastic “fine.” Some might say I was bitchy and angry all the time. Yes, I was. Some might say I was sad. Yes, I was sad. Some might say I was not living life to my full potential. Totally true.

But now, I look forward to experiencing a bit more of my true potential. Being “fine” as in, “you are lookin’ fine, girl!”, joyful, kind and loving. I’ll keep the pixie-like quality of being a big ornery at times. I turn on the confidence more often and the go-get-it. I turn on the humor. I turn on the dance. I turn on the compassion. And I turn on the kindness. I also turn on the “I’m in charge of myself” a bit more by communicating clearly what I need in order to do my life’s work.

To all of you out there that are feeling angry, lost, sad, rejected, hopeless and low-vibration please know that to persevere with integrity and self love is worth it. Not for the reward but to experience life as a person who will confidently do what needs to be done to thrive.

Thank you. I love you.


There once was a girl who stood with the pony

at the water’s edge looking forlorn and gloomy

And on the pony’s back appeared an angel saying,

“I’ve been with you your entire life”

and “I was there to protect you when you were small”

The girl looked down at the water and saw her reflection,

in the water now calm and clear

She saw herself riding a stallion, tall and proud

holding the staff of a warrior

and on her back were the angel’s wings


And so it is.



Signs of Hallucinatory Internal Thoughts

Much of the writing shared here comes from me showing up each day to write what needs to be written. I’m not sure where it comes from some days but it always feels good to share so here are today’s words of loving kindness.

Have you ever heard or read the phrase, “Your thoughts create your reality”? Well, what if I were to tell you that your thoughts DO NO create your reality? That belief or trendy philosophy could be completely false and the cause of much struggle and suffering.  Thoughts shift only perception of existence.

See, there is a reason why nothing seems to be working the way people want it to work out sometimes.

You are capable and worthy of a kind and gentle existence. Therefore here come words of assistance if you choose to receive them.

Move low vibration to high vibration and that which feels peaceful and good just like one would do with the ho’oponopono prayer. When you move from low vibration to high vibration you align with source. And the source is YOU for you are one with the universe. This concept is truth. Always has been and always will be (for now anyway 🙂

Low vibration: thoughts = reality

High vibration: present = kindness

When you are stuck in a rut, you reside in a paradigm where thoughts create reality. You are not free or aligned. Trauma then dictates. But when you, as the light being that you are, has your illumination sparked and fueled then the traumatic even either never happens or is immediately forgiven or it is reflected back upon the source from which it came and is recycled into a high vibration. And, since you are the source, it is you that recycles the situation into a high vibration. This happens so quickly that you don’t even know it is happening.

This is called magical resonance.

Embrace magical resonance and automatically there is no need to constantly chant or meditate or fix or mourn or try so hard. Magical resonance releases you from creating altars and grids. Everything and everyone is already an altar and a crystal grid. That is a knowing and a recall, available to you. You are your own source. This is magical resonance.

Know it. Recall it. Fly. Be. Breathe. And so it is.

One more message re: misinterpretations.

Misinterpretations are of the mind. Go with feelings or muscle testing for truth. Go not with “signs” for the mind interprets signs to benefit the support of untruths. Much like fearful research is designed to support a theory. True research goes for disproving the theory. But some, if created in fear will only support the fear and the cycle then spirals into a low vibration. If you are in alignment with source, there would not be a need for research. Just think of all the wonderful creativity and light this brings forth in you and around you!


Thank you. I love you.

— Wendy Who Walks With Wildflowers

Supercede Higher Integration of Time

Gratitude Medallions. Hand made art by Wendy Hurd

Let it be known to all aware and unaware that the little ones unseen mourn you as you die. Their number one job is to bring light to you at your darkest moments and when they fail, they mourn you and their failure for one thousand years.

It seems there are many, many failures now so there are an extraordinary number of little ones mourning for one thousand years each. This turbulence has more effect on Mother Earth than any environmental action or practice or situation.

Be aware in your decisions, as they have a greater impact than the struggles and sadness of life.

These words give hope to the little ones. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. I love you.

And so the love of the earth supercedes so much of the human condition and actions that would otherwsie destroy. There is no manipulation needed, just a simple farewell to the segment of the mind closed off to loving kindness. Ah yes, there you go. If it is not possible to set the mind aside, simple awareness of the segment shines the light so necessary for the ascension of the ultimate expression of all.

There is uniqueness. Celebrate the diversity. Celebrate the choices and the expressions brought into each awareness and dimensions aware and unaware.

Like ping pong. Back and forth. Slow. Fast. Joyful. Be the ball. Be the paddles. Be those who play. Be the table. Be the net. BE the parts of the experience. But do not be the rules. For the rules are that which hold you back.

And so it is.


Thank you. I am Wendy Who Walks With Wildflowers. I am brilliant, creative, patient, joyful, clear, connected, kind, loving and loved. AHO

Starting The Inward Travel

Energy Center and Chakra Illumination illustration and symbols created by Wendy Hurd of LilyTiger Creative

Breathe in

She weeps

As she discovers

The feeling

Of being loved

Starting over

In the realm

Where she is


This morning as with each morning, there are three pages of channeled wisdom and grace flowing through my hands onto the page. The practice also includes letting go of the channeled writing unless there is something called forth to share. And so it is today.

Dreams. Let go of most. For they are the mind spinning and indulging itself in the paradigm of judgement. Set the mind aside, express gratitude and ask for assistance as it is recycled.

Others, they are premonitions and visions of alignment so that the self may prepare and ease into the knowing of that which is. This process helps with balance and when honored, is the brilliant undertaking of being and knowing love.

And yet others are what some have called “astral travel” but is in essence the self being where it is needed to serve others in need. Everyone’s soul purpose and calling unique, these travels are not to dwell upon for they do not exert any energy but when observed and accepted, are of peace an loving kindness unlike any experienced or defined. The source of the self creating the shift where brilliance and pure light are and always will be.



Seeking Humanity In Tenderness

I am safe. Moving meditation by Wendy Hurd of LilyTiger Wellness

Do you ever wake up in the morning on a day where the numbers on the clock don’t matter? The call of the to-do list on mute? The roar of the traffic unheard?

On those mornings, sometimes the daily weekday callings are replaced with introspection and messages to try a different route.

Today was a morning like that and I went with it. I didn’t push the thoughts away, but I did ask for help. Over the past few days the swelling in my feet and ankles has been distracting to the point of seeking and recalling the days when the distraction did not exist. Were my ankles and feet always a bit swollen? I do recall my mother telling me one summer, “You’re legs are skinny for the first time. They usually aren’t.” A kind/cruel statement. I listened and obviously remembered that statement and also remember how I had reduced the circumference of my thighs with the obsessive shaking and moving my legs. I’d walk around the house and yard shaking my legs. I would sit in the evenings watching TV moving my legs. I would never sit still. The comment from my mother encouraged me to constantly move my legs throughout my life up until a few years ago when I experienced what it was like to sit still and enjoy a movie without constantly moving.

It’s weird how craving a slight compliment from a parent can drive a person to do slightly insane activities.

Yesterday, as the concern about the swelling grew in my mind, I discussed with my husband the activities for the afternoon. A car ride? A movie? How far? I decided to share my concern over the swelling with, “Well, I’d prefer a short ride and a short sit because my legs and feet are swollen.” OK. No problem.

No problem until I found myself constantly moving my legs during the $3 movie. No problem until I myself shaking my legs while driving to the airport to transport my son to his vehicle parked in long term parking a couple miles away. No problem until I found myself obsessed with drinking lots of water and consuming extremely small portions of food.

No problem until I found myself this morning in tears begging the Benevolent Beings to please help me to have slim feet, legs and hands. “I’ve been asking for slim hands for a long time. I try everything. Healthy foods. Yoga. Walking. Riding bike. Drinking water. Positive thoughts. Energy healing. Biomat. Nothing works. Can you please help me?” And then I paused to receive any subtle message that might come through because sometimes the message is very brief and simple. I heard, “Get up and move.”

OK. So that’s what I’m doing and have been doing all day for the most part. I reflect on how I can get up more often when I decide to sit down at the computer to work or do other tasks. I reflect on how I can change everything by setting an intention. The message takes on all kinds of different interpretations throughout the day.

Feeling frustrated. I tear up as the defeat of the lack of slim hands and feet are stuck in my mind. In the plea to Benevolent Beings, I mentioned that so many other people have slim hands and feet, why not me? What is it about my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual composition that my feet are unlike those around me? Family, friends, coworkers. Especially the thoughts of my sisters and even my father My hands and feet look much different from them. Perhaps that’s how children feel when they are a different color from their parents. Out of a desire to belong, they see to change themselves to fit in and be accepted and loved. But then again, infants and toddlers have chubby hands and feet so perhaps it’s a simple matter of me moving out of the dependent state of infancy and into independent state of adulthood for the first time. Hmmm. Take responsibility and actions toward that which will bring meaning to my life on my terms rather than always depending on the wants and needs and expectations of others.

The comments of others have always had an impact on me. As they do on most people.  A comment on social media caught my attention today, “I was there and did nothing.” with reference to the current social, political and cultural distress so many are witnessing and feeling gets me to think outside of myself which is very good. The distraction of these thoughts takes me away from caring for myself and adds balance to an otherwise unhealthy emphasis on self loathing and fixing.

Another comment on social media also resonated strongly, “Repeat the following mantra: I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” resonates as well and is a nice distraction from yesterday when I drove myself nutty with the constant physical movement. Which, by the way, also led to constant chattering. The repetition of the mantra led me to a meditation so deep and kind that the cat companions nestled in for a nap.

Turns out the Benevolent Beings are helping me today in surprising ways. I love it. Thank you! I find balance as the day progresses.

Then the rain started. I checked my phone for the forecast. “Light rain.” And scrolled to the news and read an article posted on Slate written by a lawyer who had visited the place where children are detained at the border between the U.S. and Mexico. He wrote about how the organization would not allow a private doctor to assess the young children. This news is the saddest of all the news. I do not watch the daily news on TV and do not read the news in the paper and try not to spend much time on social media but it is difficult not to notice when it oozes out of the cracks of society like a leaky basement. Sooner or later we’re going to have to ease the pressure on the foundation or the entire structure is going to collapse. That, or we’re going to have some very smelly clean up to do which will only be temporary.

The focus definitely shifted from myself to others throughout the day which is a way better use of my energy. Obvious reasons but when a person is practicing healthy boundaries, the choice made is important. In the past I would get hung up on other things I had been a victimized doormat to — too many activities and me being the hostess to too many. During those times, it certainly placed me on a “nice” list but in reality the list is a “doormat” list which sucks the life out of people. I could care less if people like me or not. I am here to do what I am passionate about. And that is flipping things upside down and viewing from a different perspective. Not only viewing but sharing my perspective.

And today’s choice is how to extend loving kindness to the children. Not just the detained children at the border but for all children. I watched a documentary yesterday titled, “Life Overtakes Me” about children of refugee families with Resignation Syndrome. In the documentary, I realized the brilliance of the children that chose the syndrome as a way to help their families find safety and loving kindness in Sweden. Children are brilliant beyond comprehension. I feel sad that they had to make the choice in the first place but also admire their genius and their generosity. And of course I am grateful to the parents of the children who took them to a safe country and to Sweden for helping them with loving kindness. For with the open heart of generosity we change the world.

The vision of humanity includes loving kindness expressed through cooperative civility and creativity. When a road block arises, be with it and describe that which feels icky about it for the icky signifies that which can be resolved. Resolve not the most easily but with the most effect. We are shown the children in dire need of care. We are shown those that do not honor or respect the needs of the children. I ask you to look deep within. 1. Why are the families choosing to relocate and risk the lives of themselves and their children? 2. Why are some fearful of accepting them into our country? 3. Why are the adults on both sides making choices that are endangering the lives of children?

I do not have the answers but pose the questions. There are many answers. I sense the base of it all is the lack of loving kindness and lack of a sense of survival and safety.

What is it that instills the fear? What is it that instills the perception of lack of survival and safety? What is the source? What is the core of it all?

Coming full circle. I return to the plea to Benevolent Beings to help alleviate the swelling. Alleviate the retention. Let the love flow.

Exhale love. Inhale peace.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.







Really? Are you surprised? Come on.

WE CREATE OUR REALITY. We are hypocrites every one of us. We celebrate violence with our actions. But then we gasp in horror when someone carries out the acts in real time.
We pay to see the movies, play the games, sing the songs, recite the poetry, play the music, paint the visual, visit the museum, and read the books. We award the display of violence. We practice violence as a society every moment. And then a person actually does the very thing we tell them not to do.
Really? Are you surprised? Deep down. If you are honest with yourself. Are you surprised that any of this is happening? Good grief. Wake up.
We tell them not to do something but then sell, celebrate and award the very thing we tell them not to do. It’s like telling a child not to eat the candy from Halloween but then we go and take some and eat it ourselves right before bed or have it for breakfast. What’s the difference? Basically none. Same principal and obviously different outcomes. But you get it.
Take a look in the mirror. What horror movie do you adore? What war game do you play for hours? I know that is different from carrying out acts of violence BUT there are a certain number of the population, obviously, that is capable of doing it for real.
Think about it. WE CREATE OUR REALITY.
Interesting conversation today about the individuals being reprimanded for sexual misconduct. Yes, there should be ZERO TOLERANCE for disrespecting others, especially children. We should honor and respect children always and forever. Treat them with loving kindness.
But . . . we have created the monsters. Yes, we are responsible. The movie roles that are written, the books written, the awards given for performances all add to the potential and ultimate reality that one of those individuals will become the monster they act out in the movie or play.
And then when they do become the character they have practiced and have been awarded for, we turn around and we are surprised? Good grief. We are surprised? We have celebrated the person for all the horrendous characters he has portrayed.
WE CREATE OUR REALITY. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE. It is not just the one person, it is ALL of us.
And now that we are awake, now that we have been jolted out of our blur. Now that we have clarity. We must this very moment change our thoughts and behavior. For what you expect from one person, you must also practice yourself. DO NOT say, “Oh I loved that movie” when it has a predator in it that if, they were in your home you would banish them forever. Why watch the movie and adore it but then do a complete 180 degree move and call it horrendous. WHAT IS GOING ON?
I’ll tell you what is going on. We are looking at ourselves for what we really are. And we don’t like what we see. So we are evolving. We are changing. Embrace it and love yourself. It’s hard work but we can do it.
I am equally guilty. As we all are. Every one of us has thoughts and carries out actions that we want to imprison others for. And if you say you have never thought or done anything of that nature, you are lying.
Not that we should excuse the behavior but perhaps judge less harshly and take actions that are more kind. Stop yourself from thinking harsh thoughts, saying harsh words, carrying out harsh actions. Focus on loving kindness. Not the false loving kindness but true kindness that comes from the heart. That which is unconditional. It is humble.
It starts with me. In this moment I practice loving kindness and it is my life’s work to embody that which I know I am capable and want for myself. I want to be treated with loving kindness, therefore I shall only think, say and do that which I expect of others. I know, this is what we’ve heard over and over, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” but to truly live it? I take on the challenge. Not that I will be sickly sweet but my intent is to be REAL. To breathe and be real.

I am here to hold your hand.

“I am here to hold your hand. I want to be with you as you travel this journey, take you by the hand as a very small child and lead to you safety,” my grandfather said to me.

Before we continue, I want to express thank you for spending your time reading this post.

As I mentioned in “The Veil is Thin” post, I am getting to know my paternal grandfather for the first time in 55 years. He’s in spirit. I am with spirit so we communicate quite well. I feel loved and transformed. Someone told me to be grateful. And I am always, it’s just that only love and sadness exist for me. So gratitude resides within love. It’s a given.

The first evening after I was introduced to Super G, he laid the ground work and shared a bit more of his wisdom and perhaps a warm up for what was to come. I chose the name Super G because I don’t know his name. My father’s adoption papers and birth certificate do not name his birth father. But he showed me a cape and has a sense of humor and loves to protect so I call him Super G.

Here is a summary of a channeled message the day after our introduction:

Super G here . . . . aha! I love you so much. I remind you that we went back together to all the moments when you were not loved the way you should have been loved. I hold your hand and together we walk away, saying, “no thank you, I am worth more than what you are offering this moment. I am worth all the gold in Spain.” We go to a safe place where you are loved by all the angels of the multidimensional universe sprinkled with fairy dust. You are my sweet love. You are a princess worthy of the most comfortable, beautiful, delicious and joyful. Many birds flying all around you today, did you see them? They are curious as to why you did not open the door, they would have come in to sing to you. sweet caroling. boom boom boom.. hahahahaha. Just like that, they would sing to you. with kindness and love. For the wisdom of the ages is more than likely the answers to everything you ask.

When there is exponential light in the universe, it is also in equal measures with darkness but the darkness is not the evil those speak of. The darkness is simply a balance of the energy of light. Like the winter balances the summer. It is simply a time to recharge your batteries. Look to darkness by closing your eyes and knowing the truth. Much etheric wonder takes place in the darkness.

You are illuminating others with your brilliance. and when they reflect that brilliance back, it is an affirmation of your true purpose and you are living your true purpose.

Round and round you went in circles and the circles are love are love are love. Around the circles and then step outside them to spread your wings for you are no longer contained in the circle of love and light. You radiate like the beautiful illustration of the tree of light. Yes the tree of light. That is you my sweetness. And I am the grandfather of the light for I am the grandfather of you. I go beyond the light and am the essence of that which you are not able to see or imagine but simply be with it, just as you would with the subtle sensation of floating in the ocean on a beautiful sunny and calm day. The bliss of the abyss. the strength of the strong song song song song song … there we gooooooo! Take it nice and slow.

And that’s the way it goes sometimes, only Super G is much more fluent and expressive than my other spirit guides. It’s fun and exhausting at the same time. I place boundaries around the amount of time I sit at the keyboard and when the messages come through. It is only with my permission and my request. There are other ways of communicating, like the color of vehicles. Turns out that all red vehicles are signs of protection. This is new to me because previously I had interpreted red vehicles as a warning. Protection is much nicer!

Protection is much nicer. Don’t you agree? I’ve been working on feeling safe my entire life. A fleeting feeling that I gave up on at times. I feel safe now. Just like I always do when I am in the presence of my oldest son. When I am with him, it seems the world could crumble and everything would be ok in our little bubble of safety.

Safety is important when connecting with spirit guides. Just because a spirit wants to be your guide does not mean that you have to accept the guidance or invitation for it is completely a choice. The guidance of Super G, my grandfather, is very welcome and we are having fun! It’s not like I sit around at a table and we have tea together and chat about stuff. I spend a few minutes at a time typing or writing down the messages that come through. All I do is connect and let the messages flow.

Flow! Wow. I am at a time in my life where I am able to instantly manifest for the greatest good. I wondered why it was happening for me and a friend said, “Because it’s coming from your heart.” That makes me cry every time. I am so grateful.

Grateful for all the instant healing that is going on with the help of my spirit grandfather. The message was that he would hold my hand as a child and walk away from situations that were not kind and loving.

First hand-holding experience and correction was going back to the time when I was four or five years old. A visit to the doctor was in order either for an illness or school exam. My mom was in the waiting room with my little sisters. While in the room alone with the doctor, he touched me in ways no one should ever touch another.

I’ve worked on this experience before. Tried to change the effects. Tried to rid my cells of the debris. Tried to change the perception. Once I visualized burning all the records so that I was never a patient. I tried to change the rules so that the man never became a doctor. Nothing worked, I still held on to the effects. I realize why. I do not have control over what happens to others for it is their path and their life journey. I can only effect my own experience. Either interpret it differently or choose a different path.

This time, I choose a different path. A high frequency, loving path. And with my spirit grandfather, we changed the energetic vibration of the essence of being.

I choose to allow only loving, kind and gentle medical professionals and men into my life. Men specifically for many reasons. Some obvious here.

With the energy shift, comes profound healing. I now know only loving kindness at the hands of medical professionals and men. Do you know how that changes my ENTIRE LIFE? DO YOU?

Here’s a list to start it off.

  1. Confidence in myself that what I communicate will be honored
  2. My body heals quickly with the onset of an illness or injury. So instead of attacking me, my cells are strong and have a force that prevents illness or repairs damaged cells.
  3. My body has a strong immune system that changes the energy of the germs before they can become harmful
  4. Trust that I belong on this earth
  5. The physical manifestation of love is radiance and wellness
  6. The emotional manifestation of love is joy
  7. I approach medical professionals and men as equals

The list above expands. Use your imagination. I could go on and on with a list of at least 1,000 more items. The comprehension of knowing love as a small child has an exponential effect. The creation of reality is now an essence of safety, belonging, strength and love.

The strength, safety and love I could not have realized until I opened my heart to receive love. And reach out to hold the hand of my spirit guide, Super G.

Love, it’s an over-used word but it’s the only term I have at this point to describe what I know. I had a different definition in my mind of love previously. And that’s another shift. An enormous shift. It happens like the slow growth of blossoms on a tree in a gentle spring.

I can never remember being told I was loved as a child. Never. Until now with the help of a kind guide. Now, I know I am love, loved and loving.

With gratitude and grace, I get to integrate the healing of knowing only loving kindness from medical professionals and men. Plus it’s fun to visualize an awesome grandfather holding my hand and leading me to safety.

Thank you again. May you know and recall whatever it is that helps you through life.