You have intuitive wisdom

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Acting on intuition is the key to survival. I remember reading the book, “The Gift of Fear” years ago. I had picked up the book thinking the title was catchy. Totally prepared for feeling more afraid, I settled into the book. Wow, was I surprised. I found myself feeling less and less afraid because the book basically taught me to trust my gut and to act on it.

Why I question my intuition is a mystery to me really. I work on trusting my intuition every day and truthfully, I’m not sure if I’ll ever trust my gut instinct 100%.

My body knows what it needs. If I recognize that, and if I allow it to communicate, AND I ask for help, I move forward. But first, it’s very important to recognize myself as a source of information that I can trust.

Here are a couple of interesting articles from the University of Minnesota and Psychology Today about intuition:


Are you an empath? A lesson in observation.

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Are you an empath? I’ve been speaking to many empaths who are wondering what they can do to protect themselves and not have all the energy sucked out of them. Perhaps let the energy pass through them. Well, I recently attended a class where part of the discussion was around observing without judgement. As an empath, observing without judgement (just BE with it) can be an extremely useful tool.

For instance, today I was getting the oil changed in my car. I grabbed a magazine and sat down at a table to read the zine and also check my email. Suddenly I felt this panic/fear feeling come over me. Hmmm, I thought to myself, “I have absolutely no reason to feel any panic or fear. What’s going on around me?” I look around… there is a man pacing back and forth. Sitting down. Sighing. The mechanic steps into the room to explain the cost of the repairs, scheduling an appointment, etc. The man listened and went on to say many things that concerned him.

Making the observation and knowing I am an empath, I simply observed and immediately relaxed, knowing the panic feeling was not mine. It belonged to the man near me. IT WAS NOT MINE TO FIX (THAT IS THE IMPORTANT PART).

So, the next time you, the sensitive empath feels a sense of panic or anxiety or fear, observe it. Look around you. Does it belong to you or does it belong to someone else. I bet you that 99% of the time it belongs to someone else.

Observe it. Breathe. Decide if it is something that needs action (i.e. immediate pending danger which would need action). If it does, take action. If it does not, It’s not yours to fix.

Trust yourself.

Thanks for reading.