The Only Reason I Am Alive

The only reason I am alive today is because I love my children. I recognize the pure love and light that they are and essence of their divine wisdom.

We hear all the time that we have free will at any given moment. Choice. Action. Or no action.

After hearing the words, “Get your affairs in order, you have five months,” I made a choice. I chose to live. And the only reason I chose to live was because if I did not, I would miss my children too much. That was over 11 years ago.

Thank you angels who helped me that day, those weeks, those months. Thankful for the ability to make a choice and for the recall of brilliance that is me. For my light burst through from my heart and my body healed. I went from “the cancer has spread throughout your body” to “we see no evidence of cancer.”

Life changes in an instant. Every moment we are reborn. New cells. New thoughts. Or we can choose to hold on to the old thoughts and old cells and let them take over. Neither is wrong or right. But be aware, you are responsible for the choice and the work it takes to carry on. Be strong. Be brave. Be brilliant. Time is noted but do not focus on the limitations it may place on your thoughts. Simply be with it.

After I chose to live. I received healing streams of grace. And I chose to breathe. To relax my physical body so that I could integrate all that I am. What a trip!

Fast forward the trip, turn the pages of the itinerary to today. This moment. This moment in my breath, I am grateful for all. The peace of knowing the choices I’ve made were not right or wrong. Today, I chose to wake up, to move forward. And to welcome guidance and love as a part of the essence of me.

Many miracles were witnessed today. The first one was the driver of a pick up truck that chose to stop and give me space when the signs of the road pointed me in the wrong direction. The next was witnessing all of the magic in the skyways of downtown Minneapolis during the lunch hour. Beautiful souls shining their light, singing their songs and expressing themselves in the moment. I reach out to them and send them love. My personal mantra “I. O. E. O. U.” is the vowels of “I love you.” I sing it several times a day out loud or to myself.

Find your mantra of brilliant light. Sing it. Write it. Think it. Draw it in the sand. Trace it in the sky. Do it for yourself and the miracle of creation that is you.



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