Today I Am One Day Old

My entire Facebook feed is filled with joy. It was probably that way before but today it is becoming a part of me. I no longer see it as other people’s joy. I see it as a reflection of my joyful essence. Such is life after re-birth. Today I am one day old. And I am crying again.

Free and alive more than I have ever known.

Goosebumps all over. The rays of light exploding from within.

I woke up this morning thinking of ways to express my essence of joy. Amusement park? Go-karting? Spending time with children at the zoo? Watching cartoons? And then I realized I don’t need any of those external stimuli. For what that does is suck the joy out of me. I find joy inside where it is peaceful and simple. Just as a child would sit and be with the blanket, the warmth of a solar embrace.

I am one day old. I am Wendy. Wendy Who Walks with Wildflowers. It is the name given to me by an ancient tree of the forest.

The simple joys of today: waking up. Feeling the comfort of the bed. Recalling the cat coming up to me in the middle of the night and kissing my cheek. Something he has never done before. Gratitude for having food to feed the dog and cats. The cool air. The yard. The washer and dryer. The lights. Breath. Blood circulating. Dreams. Sitting on a stool in the middle of the kitchen tasting the peanut butter chocolate sea salt fudge. Releasing the thought that I see myself owning a shop in Arizona called Prickly Pear Petunia. A confectionery where the sweets are the golden nectar of life. A joyful vision of a different dimension. It happens somewhere. I am with it in spirit.

Do one-day-old infants dream of such things? Do their cries communicate the frustration of not being able to take action to realize their dreams? That they are totally reliant on their care givers?

May all know they are love, loved and loving. Experiences come and go. Alignment with what we know comes and goes. The power within us is a gift. Receive it with the grace and ancient wisdom that the sun is the warmth that cradles our souls. And we are the sky connected to the infinite source.


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