Wattage of Power in the Brilliance of Humanity Intensifies

I am not above complaining and feeling frustrated and so sad that I spew words of rage. I roar like a lion and feel the power in my being so intense that it intimidates.

A man murdered  men, women and children in a church yesterday morning. The legions of lightworkers are not proving themselves true to their words and preaching. This bothers me. I want to realize the truth of it but it is not working. It’s not helping this world be a more gentle, loving and kind place. There is only suffering and sadness and senseless violence.

What the hell is going on?

And then I listen to things about dolphin energy. Well the dolphin energy is doing nothing. The source energy is doing nothing. Healing streams of grace is doing nothing. We have to find a way to reach people who have the potential to kill so many others and cause extreme sadness that reverberates through millions of people. Reach them BEFORE something like this happens. We need to START loving ourselves and loving our children before they are born. And when they are born, teach them loving kindness. And when they get angry at something to realize it is sadness. It is misinterpreted sadness that need not turn into violence.

Speaking from personal experience, there have been many times in my life when I was not loving and kind and gentle. I lash out with harsh words and loud tones. I too need to practice loving kindness even in the face of great force intended to do harm. For, it is deep sadness misinterpreted and transformed into a self-protective energy that is not needed. There are different ways. Patience. Slowly things down. Breathing. Practice. Practice. Practice. Knowing I am safe. Knowing I am creating my reality. Knowing I have a choice. Knowing I am loved. Knowing I am heard. Knowing I am connected with all. Knowing I am brilliant.

But wait. My guides counter my frustration with a simple example.

I look to my masters, gurus, teachers, guides and angels for messages and this is what I received:

Dearest Wendy and all loved ones, the dolphin energy actually is doing something because the tragedies that you speak of would have been much worse and more numerous. It seems horrifying and wrong which it is. But trust us when we say this is minimal in comparison to what it could have been like. Just like when Huggy Bear’s eye condition turned out to be an infection rather than something worse. Yes, he had to lose his eye but he is well. There are times when sacrifices need to be made in the name of healing. No, it is not good but it could have been much worse. And the experiences are designed by the masses. The more guns and violence come up in conversation, the more it will become reality. So calm the energy down. Breathe slowly. Relax and be with the pain. Place your hands gently on the pain and where it shows up in your body and send it love or the equivalent of the most gracious and kind energy you can muster. Breathe slowly and be in the harmonic essence where you are creating the soft waves of the currents of angelic resonance. It is a frequency not high, but of immeasurable and undefined goodness.

For those of you who don’t know the story, there is a beautiful white angel collie that lives in my home. His name is Huggy Bear. And last year he developed a condition in his eye that resulted in the removal of his eye. There was a mass which the vet thought was most likely cancer. I asked for healing streams of grace for him for many days and weeks. And when the report came back after his eye was removed, it stated that the mass was a solidified infection. It wasn’t cancer! The vet was happy to report that Huggy Bear would not have to go back or receive any other treatment.

Not to minimalize what has happened or to reduce any grief.

The grief is great no matter what but if the situation could have been much worse or if there are many situations that are simply stopped before they happen. I suppose that brings me a tiny bit of comfort. Only a tiny bit though. I’m not happy with the answer. Not one bit. But I don’t have to be happy with it.

But still, it gets a passionate surge of energy going that makes me want to DO something. Now, more than ever, I want to help everyone know they are love, loved and loving. From before they were conceived and born into this world they were love. And also for all the parents and family members and neighbors to know they are loved. That there is enough for all of us. There is no need to compete or fear not having enough. Recognize the strong feelings as either love or sadness. The core of our being knows exactly what is going on but the mind transforms it into something else.

Start now. It starts with me. I need to practice my words. Over and over again I will express loving kindness. But not ignorance or allowing anything to overpower or hurt me or others. There are boundaries in place and with strength I stand strong and say, STOP! Do you know you and I are reflections of one another? I am standing here calm and peaceful. Look at me. Breathe. And be with it.

Be with the pain. There is a flow. I don’t want this to be happening but it is. I don’t ever want it to happen again. Never again. I only want people to find joy in life. There will be challenges but let them be the challenges that create goodness.

Thank you again for the honor of being able to express myself on this page.




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