DNA Design from Source: Conditional Love

I am in Bellevue and discovered this morning that the tree just outside one of the deck porches is gone. All that is left is a small pile of sawdust. I feel a bit sad because it is a nice tree. But am ok with it because more sunshine will come in and I love sunshine.

The sun radiates and communicates to me in amazing ways. Specifically, when the rays of the sun reach out horizontally, it is the essence of two of the loves of my life manifesting as a sun angel wrapping loving rays around me. One of them is Lanni Rae who’s name means sky ray. She is my daughter who died when she was one day old. She is with me always, as is her father.

I checked in with Lanni’s father who is one of my guides, wondering why I hadn’t found any feathers lately and then I found one in the vacuum cleaner! Thank you. Tuned in and receive the message that there is no such thing as unconditional love from one 3D human to/for another. It only exists in the ether.

So our souls love each other unconditionally but it is impossible for our egos. This is a DNA design from source which is a part of the human experience. It helps us to create boundaries and evolve. If we were all love then we would have no purpose.

I also saw a DNA helix radiating from the sun. So now I accept the gift of seeing DNA which I’m not sure I will interpret other than to accept that the sun is truly an entity created from the same source as me.

As I expand, there is the truth that a part of my essence envelopes all with loving rays like the sun.

And so it is.


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