Simple Harmony Infuses Technology of Love

The technology of love = sending love vibrations in thought, sound, visuals and subtle communication of the soul to all souls and all forms of energy within your realm of existence

The technology of love = being open to receiving love from all within your realm and from other dimensions known and unknown

The technology of love = no veil.

The technology of love = soul to soul communication. And knowing every form of energy is soul. Therefore every form and particle of energy known and unknown = love.


Simple. It does not need a new gadget or a new anything. It simply is. We utilize the tools created to communicate, share and utilize the knowledge of the illumination of all. We humans are the ones who have needed to evolve. All other forms were already evolved and embraced themselves as pure light and love. It has taken us eons to finally acknowledge. Be grateful for the patience.

The monsters from within have been released. We feared them but all they really wanted was for us to unlock the door and let them go. And once they are free, we are free.




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