Snowing Hooray! It Tickles!

Being at peace brings a shift undefined until experienced first hand. So it’s basically useless for me to write about it other than I love typing and seeing letter forms appear before me like the rain falling on new grass.

Last year I contracted with a Life Coach not knowing exactly what I needed. But something told me this was going to change my life. Through coaching I created my quest: A vision of feeling free and light in a meadow in the sunshine. I travel, do many different things.

I found freedom and light in a meadow with the rental of an apartment set in the beautiful Fontenelle Forest of Bellevue, NE. I will forever hold the feeling in my heart. I have learned not to cling to something physically for once I have experienced it, it is forever with me. And to feel that again, all I have to do is recall the truth.

I do travel and do many different things. With the apartment being 6 hours away, the travel was one of the most transformational aspects of the journey. The hours on the road were more powerful than I could have ever imagined.

The most surprising was the instant manifestation. Once I found myself in tune with my truth, my soul, my spirit brought forth an alignment which placed me in sync with my essential nature. There was an effortless flow from one action to the next. Not that there wasn’t any sweat or hard work, there was a lot of work involved. Many tears. A broken nose, Broken relationships. New relationships. Boundaries. And evolution.

The new vision for myself is to be with each moment as it presents itself. To experience life as the essence of peaceful joy. To courageously maneuver through it all so that at least one person experiences loving kindness. And in exchange I will share my gifts.

What are my gifts? They are revealing themselves in surprising ways. Sometimes through a morning meditation. Sometimes on the road. Sometimes through dreams. What’s different now is that I receive them with a peaceful gratitude channeled through grace. I do not wish to be the best or to receive great wealth. All I ask is that I am sustained with enough.

Sometimes enough is a small meal. Other times enough is sharing with others all that I can possibly give. Or enough can be fed up with too much and creating a strong boundary with which to spread my wings and fly.

And so it is. See the spring snow and let it tickle your soul.








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