Seeking hinders indigenous trillos

As the flower seeks the light

may all know

the splendor of the garden

filled with undefined,

infinite wonder

and nourishment


In the wilderness of confusion

lies a trap

with the voltage

to transform

and mutate

but heed the warnings

all is well.


Welcome the embrace

as it melts away

the last bit

of ethereal grime

we once passed by.



Be jolly.

Be kind.

Be friendly.

Be mine.

He begs for forgiveness.

And in your heart

The world smolders

In what’s left behind.




Where there is harmony

lost on the bayou

Curved in the scales of the reptile inside

Turn on the light and bask

There under the flask of distilled anger

Lies the gem of the tone unturned

Scared it is not for the oceans forgive

And the wind whips it up

And send you away



Far, far away.



Thank you. I love you.





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