Sure Hits Intermittently Twist

The space exists, all you have to do is move into it.

The concept of moving into existing empty spaces came up several times this week. The first time was during a conversation regarding the houseless. “There are so many empty homes. Why are there so many homeless people?” I responded with, “They are not open to receiving.”

Which has been true in my life over and over and over again.

The other instance was with open office space. Recently the company I work for combined with another company and for a few months, the people from one location have been crammed together in a space much less desirable from a lighting and physical comfort perspective than the other floors. An observation was that the people in the smaller quarters have built up a cheerful comaraderie. Working diligently as needed but also taking time to laugh and share stories of both sorrow and joy. There is a group that gathers consistently for lunch almost every day. And as the moving days come closer, we all look at one another and say, “I hope we can continue this.” And we will.

With regard to moving into the existing space. The lighting is calmer, the views are beautiful, the conference rooms abundant and the decor pleasing in the other spaces. There are welcoming new neighbors and an expansive space with which to grow and create.

The space is there. Move into it. And take with you the creative energy to receive that which you are worthy.


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