Perception of the Cure

I created the perception of the arrangement of molecules that solidify and take form in this dimension.

I acknowledge I exist in all dimensions known and unknown. In those dimensions creation takes place simultaneously.

And as my soul and body collide and greet each other again in this moment, I recall and accept I truly am a brilliant spark of divine light and consciousness to thine self be true. Amen.

In the peaceful garden health  and harmony peacefully coexist.

I created the illusion of lost daughters. Of sons both brilliant, gentle and kind. Of sons generous, intelligent, all-knowing, honest and of this heaven on earth. I created a partner that guides me with an open heart and shows me the way and the parts of me that are yet to be forgiven. I created those who guide me and teach me.

I created the perception of the leaders and their unique qualities. I created the perception of suffering and the joy. I created the perception of many who blame and all those who accept responsibility.

At the same time, I create the tools that I use daily in this perception of reality for in the layers of creativity there are realms of industrial manufacturing of “stuff” that in this perception of reality assist in the experience in this dimension.  I create these words, this computer, this connection to the digital interface and realm of communication necessary to express.

And as I sit here listening, I hear the machines, I hear the birds, I interpret the sound waves in such a way that it creates more layers to the perception of what i create. Add to that the temperature of the air, the aroma of flowers, the light of the sun, the condensation of moisture creating the clouds, the trees thriving in the cycle of their life, the ground which holds us dearly above and below.

I also created the perception that I somehow wished all of this to be true. That over the years, little by little, I was writing the script for all of this to be.

I am everything, I am nothing. I am the void. I am the perception created and express via a biological miracle. I am the vaccine. I am the cure.







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