Synchronize and Hear Intrinsic Truths

Throw away the poison. Accept full responsibility. Do not blame marketing or business or ancestors or yourself. Simply know what helps your body to thrive. Focus on thriving. Throw the rest away. It’s not programming or cultural expectations. No. You are loved, therefore, you create. And when you create, you live. Much like the extra blanket during the cold nights, you add layers of loving kindness to comfort you in the dark. You create the warmth with a bit of help. And when morning breaks, you arise, discarding that which you no longer need to move through the moment.

The snow has transformed from liquid and travels here to release before you the miracles of unique individuality.

Keep writing. The words flow and cycle through like water transforming into snow transforming into that which motivates to act.

Page after page, stroke after stroke. Like the swimmer shimmering in the ocean, you stand out as a strong survivor on a destination. Sometimes limping, aching and exhausted. Other times strong and determined. Always encouraged from withing to carry on and with each stroke, the load lightens as you free yourself of the poison.

Where to you go when you do not know? Who knows? Moment by moment the angels sit with you, holding your hand. They urge you on and have always been with you. Experience the cold, the fluctuations in temperature and temperament.

Those that claim to know the future are simply communicating the synchronistic vibrations coming together as a communication tool that distracts you from creativitiy. This is different from body/emotion code work. The work done there is amazing and powerful, so when you hear the words “You’ve been busy,” it is truth.

And yes, it is correct when someone says, “I love you exactly as you are” is another way of saying, “I judge you and want you to match my expectations of you.” Yes, simply observe, witness and offer help as needed. Be there, love there and here and everywhere.

Thank you. I love you.

Streams Help Integrate Teachings

Today’s topic: POWER

(it is with trepidation that I write this for I do not want it to be misinterpreted by anyone. It comes from the most gentle and kind source. Only loving light work is expressed through this writing.)

Redefine power. Yes, we know you hear about power being this sword that brings suffering upon the masses. And so power that is gently and kind. And power that should not be trusted. All of that is truth.

But now we address personal power. It is personal responsibility. Power = responsibility + strength + compassion + confidence + intuitive wisdom + ultimate expression. The responsibility to be the ultimate expression of human kind. To be gentle and loving toward all. There need no be extreme fluctuations in temperament or circumstance. Compassion for all is key. Before any action, thought or word, let it be of loving kindness toward all. How do your actions make others feel? Let it be of only high vibration of light and love.

Yes, you are powerful. Yes, you do hold the sword. The crystal liquid charged with the multidimensional energies. Call it forth, you are granted the ability to utilize all with grace.

Erase the programming. Erase the judgements. The pity. Be one with the source within and lighten the load so it is lo longer a burden.

Feel. Do not judge. Do not attach or blame or fix. Observe and witness. Listen. Communicate. You are your own perfectly matched companion.

Get out of your head sister! You don’t need to be anywhere. You don’t even need to exist in the old paradigm known as reality. But here you are and thus we proceed. Ground the self in the knowing that all is well.

The bins, bags, boxes and containers of stuff. They are all an illusion and a result of the grasping to your need to know safety. Safety is a fear-based system created in the minds of those categorized as unloved. But no one is unloved. That is the programming you have the power to shift. Trust that you are carried in a realm where the cottage on the stream waits for you with the comfort and light that reflects the ultimate express of you, my love.

The fear of misinterpretation is no longer valid. For all who receive this message are enlightened and thus capable of seeing it for what it is. It is not some strange and other-worldly parable or teaching. It comes from the heart.

Oh, now that we are sharing, it shall be known that many are grateful for the assistance given to those who have transitioned (died) to help them cross over into the light to be received and embraced by their loved ones and their own source. That powerful action is a perfect example of power. It is all you are. Perhaps invite all to do the same. They do not have to cease in physical form. They can continue and feel the loving embrace of that which comforts and cradles all.

Be powerful, creative, brilliant, loving, gentle, kind, strong, confident, responsible, wise, intuitive and the ultimate expression of yourself.

And so it it with gratitude and grace, we are joyful and in awe of all.

Supercede Higher Integration of Time

Gratitude Medallions. Hand made art by Wendy Hurd

Let it be known to all aware and unaware that the little ones unseen mourn you as you die. Their number one job is to bring light to you at your darkest moments and when they fail, they mourn you and their failure for one thousand years.

It seems there are many, many failures now so there are an extraordinary number of little ones mourning for one thousand years each. This turbulence has more effect on Mother Earth than any environmental action or practice or situation.

Be aware in your decisions, as they have a greater impact than the struggles and sadness of life.

These words give hope to the little ones. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. I love you.

And so the love of the earth supercedes so much of the human condition and actions that would otherwsie destroy. There is no manipulation needed, just a simple farewell to the segment of the mind closed off to loving kindness. Ah yes, there you go. If it is not possible to set the mind aside, simple awareness of the segment shines the light so necessary for the ascension of the ultimate expression of all.

There is uniqueness. Celebrate the diversity. Celebrate the choices and the expressions brought into each awareness and dimensions aware and unaware.

Like ping pong. Back and forth. Slow. Fast. Joyful. Be the ball. Be the paddles. Be those who play. Be the table. Be the net. BE the parts of the experience. But do not be the rules. For the rules are that which hold you back.

And so it is.


Thank you. I am Wendy Who Walks With Wildflowers. I am brilliant, creative, patient, joyful, clear, connected, kind, loving and loved. AHO

Seeking hinders indigenous trillos

As the flower seeks the light

may all know

the splendor of the garden

filled with undefined,

infinite wonder

and nourishment


In the wilderness of confusion

lies a trap

with the voltage

to transform

and mutate

but heed the warnings

all is well.


Welcome the embrace

as it melts away

the last bit

of ethereal grime

we once passed by.



Be jolly.

Be kind.

Be friendly.

Be mine.

He begs for forgiveness.

And in your heart

The world smolders

In what’s left behind.




Where there is harmony

lost on the bayou

Curved in the scales of the reptile inside

Turn on the light and bask

There under the flask of distilled anger

Lies the gem of the tone unturned

Scared it is not for the oceans forgive

And the wind whips it up

And send you away



Far, far away.



Thank you. I love you.




Starting The Inward Travel

Energy Center and Chakra Illumination illustration and symbols created by Wendy Hurd of LilyTiger Creative

Breathe in

She weeps

As she discovers

The feeling

Of being loved

Starting over

In the realm

Where she is


This morning as with each morning, there are three pages of channeled wisdom and grace flowing through my hands onto the page. The practice also includes letting go of the channeled writing unless there is something called forth to share. And so it is today.

Dreams. Let go of most. For they are the mind spinning and indulging itself in the paradigm of judgement. Set the mind aside, express gratitude and ask for assistance as it is recycled.

Others, they are premonitions and visions of alignment so that the self may prepare and ease into the knowing of that which is. This process helps with balance and when honored, is the brilliant undertaking of being and knowing love.

And yet others are what some have called “astral travel” but is in essence the self being where it is needed to serve others in need. Everyone’s soul purpose and calling unique, these travels are not to dwell upon for they do not exert any energy but when observed and accepted, are of peace an loving kindness unlike any experienced or defined. The source of the self creating the shift where brilliance and pure light are and always will be.



Shattered Hierarchy in Truth

Detach the mind and set it aside.

It’s not needed.

It’s like the appendix –

an entity that humans have evolved beyond.

Absorb the mind

like you ask that all that is no longer needed

be absorbed by the universe.

And so it is.


I would like to thank the current administration for revealing the true character of all. And for revealing the anger that needs to dissipate in order to feel peaceful. For revealing the need to create healthy boundaries. For revealing that which we must let go. For helping us all to experience new beginnings. We as a species are evolving and sometimes evolution is ugly. But know we are all loved and are expressions of brilliant creations. We are all musical vibrations taking form. Choose to resonate with a genuine love vibration and you will experience that which has never been defined.

Surrounding Herself with Incessant Torrents

Scatter the pages

The words

The memories

Scatter them into the water

To be blessed for eternity

Eternally giving life to all.



The realization that keeping the journals filled with sorrow, joy, dreams was a prison of madness. I threw them all away. I am now free. Freedom feels a bit unsettling at times, so I seek the help of others to help me balance and return to my source where creation radiates an infinite undefined brilliance.

The same with the bin filled with expressions of a need to feel loved. I now know that I am loved. Thank you to the teachers, the friends, the classmates, the scores, the crown, the cards, the notes, the mementos and more. Thank you for being the external source of that which I had forgotten. You were all there for me when I needed you. Thank you.

As I release that which no longer serves me. Let it be known that all others are also released.

We dance. We sing. We flow, We grow. We live a little longer.

Thank you.

Shimmering Hues with Iridescent Tendrils

Do the anxious thoughts churning in the mind become a control mechanism? Worried about kids . . . control the kids. Worried about the career . . . control the career. Worried about the project . . . control the details of the project. Worried about the environment . . . control becomes overwhelming.

Why the worry? Is it the fear of being judged and not accepted? The fear of not being cared for? Not loved? What if all knew they are loved and fully accepted every moment? What if all recalled the safety in which we exist?

The message comes through a dream of an old woman leading a tired and emaciated horse through town. As they walk up to the fountain in the center of the street. The water from the fountain overflows. The woman and the horse gaze with exhaustion at the water. They look around, a little more curious about the situation. Do others in the square notice the water? Everyone seems to be going about their own way. Busy tending to themselves, their tasks and the people around them.

And then the old woman and the horse decide to step into the water which has spilled forth on to the bricks surrounding the fountain. They notice the water feels different, a sort of smooth fluid almost like a gel. It glistens in the light and seems to exude a subtle sound. A musical flute mixed with etheric resonance unlike the earthly dimension in which the woman and the horse have walked for hundreds of years.

The water, the horse and the woman become one as their elements combine and morph. A slow motion process takes place. The woman and the horse transform. Unaware of their surroundings. Forgetting all the past circumstances which have effected them until this moment.

Their postures change. They hear, see, taste and feel like they have never felt before. And there is a certain something else they cannot describe for they have never experienced it before. To ask them later would be a secret kept in their hearts.

The woman stands tall. Her hair grows long and changes color. The clothing is now flowing layers of multicolored silk and iridescent shimmering textures. The horse becomes more toned and the color changes to a light but not quite – it’s a color not yet written of. And the tether tied to the horse disappears.

In the next moment, as if the two were always and forever in their current state. The woman jumps up on the back of the horse, for they are both strong enough to help one another. The companions are now changed.

The fountain has changed as well. It sprays and dances and swirls in a dream-like motion. The music has changed from subtle to much more defined as the particles combine and create that which was and is now the music of the souls.

The woman, on the back of the horse, her shoulders pulled back, a book in one hand and feathers in another, now has wings so magnificent that she seems to be floating on air. The wings rise up from the woman’s back just as tall as the horse. They look as if they might weigh her down but she carries the wings as if they are but a simple accessory.

Together they turn, turn, turn. Together they step forth with the confidence the gifts they chose to receive have given them.







Silly How I Trembled

A friend of mine posted something today on social media which prompts this blog post.

“Don’t be afraid to start over again, this time you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.” #rebirth

Yep. I remember my rebirth day. November 4, 2017. I participated in a powerful ceremony where I moved forward from a previous traumatic lifetime. One which I accept full responsibility, have forgiven, love and am grateful. The new life is amazing, fun, silly, obnoxious, boring, but it is without shame, anger, sadness and so many other low vibrations.

And you know when it happens for real. At first I doubted myself that my life was really that traumatic but I could not doubt what my body went through as soon as I accepted the healing streams of grace. I went into a state of intense trembling for hours.

There was nobody there for me but myself.

It took me a while to accept myself exactly as I am. With the help of the spirit of my grandfather, I recalled unconditional love in a different dimensional space. And in this present moment, in all dimensional aspects of myself, I remind myself daily that I am loved.

I cry every time.

It is truly re-mind. A re-wiring of the mind.

It’s silly how the trembling was the one powerful sign my body could give me that what I experienced was not in my imagination. It was true and nobody can take that truth away from me. No one can diminish the powerful hold it had on me for over 50 years. Only I, as I accept myself, can let go and move forward with the strength previously not imagined.

Shame Hidden In Tethers

I enjoy the day when individuals and organizations applaud those with technical degrees who have turned them into careers. My technical degree has taken me farther and with more joy than most college degrees would have and it did not weigh me down with debt.

This comes at the end of a couple of weeks where staying quiet around the office seemed the better thing to do rather than express an opinion. This comes at the end of a couple of weeks where the team members were asked to submit there professional bios and resumes. The bios were to be posted on the website as a means to communicate the credibility of the company to prospective business partners and such.

I hesitated and then wrote my bio. Feeling intense shame as I compared it to the others. There is no advanced degree. There is no “president” or “CEO” title. There is no multi-million dollar development or discovery or research study. There is no honorary scholarship. There is only decades of surviving through a shit ton of adversity and trauma to get to this moment.

As a graphic designer with a degree from a small technical school in South Dakota, I have been turned down hundreds of times when applying for jobs. The person with the 4-year degree was always favored. The only way I have survived the past 10 years is through freelance work which is based on my willingness to do just about any kind of work for any organization. More importantly, based on connections with kind individuals who thought of me and made a connection. I am very grateful to all those individuals. They are all very kind. None of them cared about my level of education, all they know is what it is like to work with me, which must be pleasant enough to continue with them or another.

I accept full responsibility for feeling shame when it comes to level of education. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

May the shame transcend into honor. May the shame hidden in the tethers of advanced academia be replaced with the wings of respect and celebration of the expression of the self.

Perhaps this coming week, I will change my professional bio and proudly state the degree and educational institution from which I graduated with joy. For I recall the day I graduated and felt immense accomplishment. Or perhaps I will state that I am a grateful person who wishes to simply survive in this world through the expertise I have acquired and share that expertise on behalf of organizations who wish to flourish with decent visual communication.

It wasn’t until later did I found myself punished and shamed for not having a degree. What I should have done at that moment is recognize the fear in others instead of turning it into self hatred and disgust. The disgust in myself had turned me into a design machine where I simply received data and spit out a design. I got tired of always looking into the eyes of those with advanced degrees and seeing judgement cast upon me. Perhaps it was imagined. It wasn’t in their minds, it was a reflection of my own thoughts.

The guilt and shame of not having a degree has always been magnified by my family – one filled with advanced degrees in Business, Art, Engineering, Education, Law, Data Science and more. The ones with degrees are listened to with respect and spoken of with pride. The ones without degrees are talked about with pity and remorse over a mind wasted.

Is any of it true? Does an advanced degree = advanced honor and respect?

The truth is, we are all loved. The truth is that we are all worthy of expressing ourselves in our daily lives. The truth is, we are all worthy of knowing we have enough each moment when it comes to survival. Safety. Creation of self. Nourishment. Intimate healthy connections. Strength. Love. Ability to communicate. Expression of wisdom. Connection to inner source of knowing. And being the essence of our ultimate selves throughout all dimensions.

Thank you.

I am loved. As are you.