How do the LilyTiger Intuitive cards work?

LilyTiger Graphic Design and Reiki Energy Healing

Each of Wendy’s sessions includes an intuitive card reading. The LilyTiger Intuitive Cards (also called the Sunshine Heart Cards) are a tool. The cards reveal what is already known – bringing the information up to a conscious level.

The cards REVEAL truth. Here’s how the tool could work for a person:

  1. Emotions have an impact on our physiology.
  2. Each person knows intuitively what is needed to feel better.
  3. Making a conscious choice to feel better, the person chooses the correct cards.
  4. The cards then reveal what the person already knows but may have not put into words.
  5. Once identified, the person then has an opportunity to mature the negative emotional state into a positive emotional state.
  6. The shift moves faster at this point in several ways:
    1. reflection
    2. creation of affirmations
    3. asking for help
    4. energy work such as Reiki
    5. other integrative therapies from dozens of modalities

This is one scenario. Each person is different of course and there is no guarantee of cure or diagnosis. It’s a step in the journey.

Congratulations on making the decision to move forward. Everything is going to work out.


Here is a good article about the impact of emotions on health:

LilyTiger Intuitive Wellness Cards by Wendy Hurd Creative. Reiki healing
LilyTiger Intuitive Cards with Healing Medallion