Staying Hungry Instead of Thriving

I am tired of the “spiritual” gurus taking advantage of people that are in a vulnerable state. I just listened to one speak about empaths and how empaths are born that way, feeling the feelings of other people and such. Well, you know what? Some empaths are NOT born that way. They are created out of a need for survival. Some empaths learn very quickly, sometimes from infancy, that it is necessary to sense the moods of their caregivers in order to survive. All it takes is one time when a child cries in hunger and then gets thrown across the room because the caregiver is in a bad mood or drunk or angry. Once a child experiences severe trauma due to crying for a need and then being punished for that need, the child becomes very good at sensing the moods of others and then silencing/numbing personal needs. Hunger comes on and a choice needs to be made. Tune in to the caregiver. Oops. Caregiver is not in a good mood. Better stay quiet and wait for when the caregiver is in a better mood. This becomes a cycle and a talent to read the moods of others. It also becomes a talent to become numb to needs. Personal needs become secondary. Does the child eat/play/sleep when the caregiver is pissed off? Or stay quiet and survive when the caregiver is pissed off? It’s a matter of survival.

The speaker also mentioned that empaths need to learn how to create healthy boundaries. This, I agree with 100%. Healthy boundaries are extremely important.

So, instead of listening to that spiritual guru tell you to go get a crystal or a mirror or some other trinket to protect yourself, say “no” and save your money. You don’t need that thing. What you need is to learn how to love yourself and create healthy boundaries. Start feeling YOUR feelings instead of the feelings of others. You don’t need to fix them, it’s their problem. But do treat yourself to energy healing and such because it is a form of self love to take good care of yourself. And in that self care, you will know you are loved. You will know you deserve and are worthy of healthy boundaries. You will know it is not up to you to fix every broken person. You will know that the feelings of others do not belong to you. And hopefully some day you will start to feel joy again and know you are worthy of nourishment and loving kindness.


Protect yourself, all you empaths!

Positive energy bubbles

Positive energy bubbles

I love most posts by Spirit Science and Metaphysics but like to revised the info to focus on positive actions and thoughts.


1. Feed positivity. Surround yourself with positive people and situations. Even if the situation is difficult, fill it with light and love.
2. Know how to take your power back with energy healing and detox.
3. Entrain and focus your mind. Pay attention to what IS WORKING and right in the world. Move towards the excitement.
4. Consciously choose your media and information. Be selective.
5. “See” areas where you can grow. Spend time with people who will help you by gently encouraging you and helping you develop.
6. Keep things vibrant and fresh. Get rid of things you no longer need in your physical and emotional spaces.
7. Be a lighthouse. Beam that light to everything around you and then turn it back on yourself! Show up in your true self with the light of who you are. Shine your bright brilliance. Emit yourself and literally experience your world change before your eyes!

Thank you again to everyone at the original blog site. Great work!

Are you an empath? A lesson in observation.

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Are you an empath? I’ve been speaking to many empaths who are wondering what they can do to protect themselves and not have all the energy sucked out of them. Perhaps let the energy pass through them. Well, I recently attended a class where part of the discussion was around observing without judgement. As an empath, observing without judgement (just BE with it) can be an extremely useful tool.

For instance, today I was getting the oil changed in my car. I grabbed a magazine and sat down at a table to read the zine and also check my email. Suddenly I felt this panic/fear feeling come over me. Hmmm, I thought to myself, “I have absolutely no reason to feel any panic or fear. What’s going on around me?” I look around… there is a man pacing back and forth. Sitting down. Sighing. The mechanic steps into the room to explain the cost of the repairs, scheduling an appointment, etc. The man listened and went on to say many things that concerned him.

Making the observation and knowing I am an empath, I simply observed and immediately relaxed, knowing the panic feeling was not mine. It belonged to the man near me. IT WAS NOT MINE TO FIX (THAT IS THE IMPORTANT PART).

So, the next time you, the sensitive empath feels a sense of panic or anxiety or fear, observe it. Look around you. Does it belong to you or does it belong to someone else. I bet you that 99% of the time it belongs to someone else.

Observe it. Breathe. Decide if it is something that needs action (i.e. immediate pending danger which would need action). If it does, take action. If it does not, It’s not yours to fix.

Trust yourself.

Thanks for reading.