Protect yourself, all you empaths!

Positive energy bubbles

I love most posts by Spirit Science and Metaphysics but like to revised the info to focus on positive actions and thoughts.


1. Feed positivity. Surround yourself with positive people and situations. Even if the situation is difficult, fill it with light and love.
2. Know how to take your power back with energy healing and detox.
3. Entrain and focus your mind. Pay attention to what IS WORKING and right in the world. Move towards the excitement.
4. Consciously choose your media and information. Be selective.
5. “See” areas where you can grow. Spend time with people who will help you by gently encouraging you and helping you develop.
6. Keep things vibrant and fresh. Get rid of things you no longer need in your physical and emotional spaces.
7. Be a lighthouse. Beam that light to everything around you and then turn it back on yourself! Show up in your true self with the light of who you are. Shine your bright brilliance. Emit yourself and literally experience your world change before your eyes!

Thank you again to everyone at the original blog site. Great work!


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