The gift of your name as a sacred symbol

I felt very honored and blessed to give a Sacred Healing Name Medallion to each individual that asked for energy work or a reading. Each individual’s name is a special gift and has the power to heal.

Here is an example of how one was made for Dennis.

1: A sacred geometry symbol is created using the letters of the first name.

Sacred geometry symbol for Dennis
Sacred geometry symbol for Dennis

2: The symbol is engraved onto a wooden disk. (about 1.5″ diameter)

3: A reading is done using the Sunshine Heart Wellness cards indicating the positive healing statements and Chakra colors

Sunshine Heart Wellness Cards created by Wendy Hurd Creatived
Sunshine Heart Chakra Cards identify positive “I AM” statements for energy balance. The chosen “I AM” statements are engraved on each medallion.

4: Color is added and the positive healing statements are engraved onto the medallion

5: The medallion is infused with the healing sound vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, flutes and ocean waves.

Reiki energy healing medallion by LilyTiger
Sacred Healing Name Medallion with positive affirmations.

The positive statements for this medallion are “I TRUST MY INNER SELF” correlating to the Crown Chakra for a sense of connection to the higher self. And “I AM IN THE MOMENT” correlating to the Solar Plexus for a sense of power.

Each medallion is unique to each individual and moment. The healing colors and statements for this individual next time will be different.

Thank you for your time. Please contact Wendy with any questions.

Sacred Name Healing Medallion
Sacred Name Healing Medallion
Creativity session card reading
Card reading example with medallion

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