How the intuitive Chakra cards work

How the Intuitive Wellness Energy works

I have developed a simple and effective system which encourages an individual’s natural ability to thrive. The system involves intuition, identifying positive affirmations and Reiki energy.

NOTE: THIS PROCESS WAS DEVELOPED IN 2015 BUT HAS BEEN SINCE CHANGED. Wendy still provides readings using the cards but no longer creates the medallions unless it is a special circumstance.

Here is the story of Ima:

Meet Ima, a busy individual who wants to feel balanced and peaceful.

LilyTiger Wellness by Wendy Hurd, Reiki Master Practitioner

Ima discovers the LilyTiger Creative by Wendy. Ima works with Wendy who uses a set of cards to identify Chakras to be corrected. Each of the cards has a positive “I AM” statement which correlates to a specific Chakra. In the original process developed in 2015, Wendy created a Sacred Name Healing Medallion using the letters of Ima’s first name. Today, a medallion is created only for extremely special circumstances.

LilyTiger Wellness by Wendy Hurd, Reiki Master Practitioner

In this example, the two energy centers, the Crown Chakra and the Throat Chakra have been identified using Ima’s intuition and the cards. The cards are a very simple communication tool. Each card reveals a positive “I am . . . ” statement that corresponds to each Chakra’s purpose.

In the original process, color was added to the healing medallion. The healing medallion was also infused with sound vibrations and Reiki energy.

Wendy, the Reiki practitioner, channels healing Reiki energy to Ima’s energy fields and also provides insight and interpretation as needed. Ima focuses on the positive affirmations which activate the energy centers. The energy centers start to blend with each other. Working in harmony and helping Ima to feel better, more relaxed.

LilyTiger Wellness by Wendy Hurd, Reiki Master Practitioner

To help things move along with greater intensity, Ima repeats the positive statements daily.

The reading serves as a reminder.

LilyTiger Wellness by Wendy Hurd, Reiki Master Practitioner

All energy is connected to other energies on an infinite grid. Balanced energy connects with others and has an effect.

LilyTiger Wellness by Wendy Hurd, Reiki Master Practitioner

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Here is a link that proves thoughts effect physical matter:


How do the LilyTiger Intuitive cards work?

LilyTiger Graphic Design and Reiki Energy Healing

Each of Wendy’s sessions includes an intuitive card reading. The LilyTiger Intuitive Cards (also called the Sunshine Heart Cards) are a tool. The cards reveal what is already known – bringing the information up to a conscious level.

The cards REVEAL truth. Here’s how the tool could work for a person:

  1. Emotions have an impact on our physiology.
  2. Each person knows intuitively what is needed to feel better.
  3. Making a conscious choice to feel better, the person chooses the correct cards.
  4. The cards then reveal what the person already knows but may have not put into words.
  5. Once identified, the person then has an opportunity to mature the negative emotional state into a positive emotional state.
  6. The shift moves faster at this point in several ways:
    1. reflection
    2. creation of affirmations
    3. asking for help
    4. energy work such as Reiki
    5. other integrative therapies from dozens of modalities

This is one scenario. Each person is different of course and there is no guarantee of cure or diagnosis. It’s a step in the journey.

Congratulations on making the decision to move forward. Everything is going to work out.


Here is a good article about the impact of emotions on health:

LilyTiger Intuitive Wellness Cards by Wendy Hurd Creative. Reiki healing
LilyTiger Intuitive Cards with Healing Medallion