Print your own set of LilyTiger cards


Thank you for your interest in the LilyTiger cards. Here are a couple of pdf links so you can make a set for yourself. The art has a copyright line on it so if you bring them to a copy shop and want to print out one set for yourself, please let me know if you need a letter from me to give permission for them to print.


My recommendation is to print the cards 2-sided on 11×17 card stock and then have them laminated for use. Trim them out by hand using the dashed lines on the one side as a guide.

Or, you can print them out at home on 8.5 x 11 card stock.


Once you’ve printed and trimmed them out. Please refer to my home page for directions on how to use the cards.

  • Focus on yourself with positive intention. Close your eyes and breathe. Roll your shoulders back and imagine a blue ball of energy starting at your feet and traveling slowly all the way up to the top of your head. Open your eyes.
  • Divide the 24 cards into 7 groups by color, with the phrases facing down.
  • Choose one card from each group
  • Gather your chosen cards and then choose one priority card from the seven cards
  • This one card is your priority card. Use this card for anything you feel most comfortable with. From an energy standpoint, the universe and your energy has come together to choose the card. It reveals a wound or issue that needs to heal in order for you to move on, feel better, get balanced.
  • Note the negative emotion. This may apply to something very recent or it may go way, way back to when you were very small or even before you were born. Think about what it means to you for a few minutes. Create a specific statement related to the negative emotion. You will now be able to move on from the negative emotion,
  • Choose a technique below such as EFT or meditation or acupressure or Reiki.
  • Create a positive statement for yourself to focus on daily for at least 3 days using your chosen technique.
    • For instance, the card chosen could be the 1st Chakra Red Card which reads “Sadness – – – – LOVE” which could indicate the feeling of sadness needs to mature into LOVE for a sense of belonging.  A person doesn’t need to forget about the situation or the person, but, in order to gain balance and move on, it is necessary to mature or reposition the feeling. In order to mature the feeling, it helps to create a positive statement. Something like, “I celebrate the love I have for my mother.” or  “I love and am grateful for the small things in my life.”
    • There have been countless times in my life when I’ve felt sad about the loss of someone or something. We lost our loved collie, Kramer Mufasa, a few years ago. I would dwell on the sadness of the loss which would stop me from enjoying my life. In order to live in the present moment, I chose to celebrate his life and all the good things he brought into my life. I have used the techniques below to effectively shift the energy from sadness to love (as have many, many other people). Now, instead of feeling paralyzed with sadness, I joyfully recall his spirit.
    • The important thing is that you have chosen to think about moving on with your life for one reason or another.
    • We are all a work in progress. Might as well simplify things and have fun. We’ve been given this time on earth to share our gifts.
    • Another important note is that some wounds originate before you were born. So, something that happened to your mother, could have effected you. Also, things that happened to people around you and before you also have an effect. So, when a card is chosen, it may not necessarily related to something that happened today or this week, even though it may be effecting you at this moment in time. Now is time to change the energy and move on. It’s all wonderful and fun!
  • Pick card and see what comes up.

Let me know what you think. I’d love your feedback.



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