Our own light was shining long before we were born. Flip the switch. Be well.

All light comes from within us. When dis-ease or trauma or accidents or strife happens in our lives, it’s an indicator that somewhere the circuits have gotten mixed up or shut down. We need to remember that our own light was shining long before we were born. Our soul lights the way and always has.

Reach out to others for help. Turn your light back on. Flip the switch. It’s all it takes. Sometimes we need some re-wiring with the help of those around us. Re-wire your being to connect soul, mind and body. Be well.

What can help? Anything and everything. Look to the beauty around you. Keep it simple. Perhaps it’s your cup of tea, the color of the mug you chose. The kitten’s purr. The dog’s smile. The child’s laughter. Your partner leaving you in peace to watch your favorite show. Yell in anger. Write. Create. Sing. Play. Dance. Dream. Do whatever it takes. But whatever it is, look inside yourself and notice how you feel and what you sense. Close your eyes and you will see.

As a holistic wellness practitioner here in the Minneapolis area, I am here to serve you. I am here to help you flip the switch.

Be grateful for all those things but know that all healing and light comes from within you.

Healing light comes from within. LilyTiger Wellness. lilytigerwellness@gmail.com


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