Pay attention to the signs. Pause. Take action.

Life is amazing when you pay attention to the signs. STUFF HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!!! PAY ATTENTION!!! Here is my story: This year for some reason, several items I ordered from Amazon were delivered damaged or sent to the incorrect address. I got frustrated and decided not to do any of my holiday shopping online. Also felt frustrated with the retailers that chose to open on Thanksgiving, forcing people to miss time with their families. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do this year for gifts so I just paused . . . and SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED! I learned that one special family member needs financial help because she chose to care for my mother’s home and pets while my mother was undergoing surgery and 7 weeks of radiation treatments for a rare form of cancer. That special family member did this out of the goodness of her heart and had to quit her good full time job. So . . . guess where a good chunk of the Christmas funds are going this year!  And then I learned today that my sister who is a single mom and works very, very hard to raise her teenage son damaged her car and had to pay a large deductible instead of paying her heating bill. So . . . guess where else the annual Christmas budget is going!! I would much rather help my family during this season than buy items that nobody really needs from large corporations that pay their top management millions of dollars and then turn around and pay most people minimum wage.

I am so very, very thankful to my guides, teachers and universe for showing me the way.

I am very, very grateful for all that I have and have been given. I appreciate the individuals and companies who hire me and help me sustain my life and allow me to pay for my energy medicine classes and travel and thrift store clothing. I am very grateful for the job Dean has that helps pay for our house, etc. I am also very grateful for the opportunity to volunteer.

Oops. That sounded fearful. Didn’t it? It sounds like something will be taken from me if I don’t kneel down and give thanks and kiss some ass. Aaaaargh!!! I am so entrenched sometimes that I can’t stand myself!

Another reason why I am not getting gifts is because I am making a stand not to support big corporations and also non-profit organization for the following reasons: (this is true for most but not all retailers especially)
1.    paying employees so little that they feel they have to work over time just to pay for necessities
2.    paying employees so little that they feel that they have to work the holidays just to pay for necessities
3.    forcing employees to work on holidays with the threat of termination if they do not
4.    rewarding top management with big bonuses and salaries in the millions
5.    recruiting volunteers to do the work that they should be paying people to do
6.    laying off older and less healthy employees
7.    inflating the prices of food, gas and other essentials – adding to the circle of fear

It’s a cultural thing and not really all the fault of the organizations. It started a long, long time ago. The intent to survive turned into greed and destruction for some reason. Little by little the world is becoming a more gentle, loving and harmonious place.






Pay attentions to the signs. Pause. Take action.


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