Evolving emotions for wellness

I created the LilyTiger Intuitive Wellness cards with the intent to help people do several things: feel better; trust their intuition; communicate what is needed for energy balance; and recognize the importance thoughts and emotions have on our physical, mental and spiritual existence.

The negative emotions block us from thriving. Reiki and other alternative modalities help to open up the blockages and allow energy to flow more freely throughout. This flow leads to balance which in turn helps us do the things we’ve always wanted to do.

Here is a very good article written by Karen Lawson MD from the University of Minnesota website about how emotions impact health:


Blocked emotions are tied to so many issues. I’ve found that sometimes the emotions are so deep that we can’t find the words to express what it is that is going on. That’s where the Intuitive cards come in. Each card has a negative and positive emotion on it. Each one corresponds to an energy center in our body that could be blocked with the negative emotions. The card is chosen by your energy because it knows what is needed.

The intent of wanting to feel better + the communication of the card + the creation of a positive statement + the help of a holistic wellness practitioner = evolving into wellness.

Our bodies know what we need to heal. If we recognize that, and if we allow it to communicate, AND we ask for help, we start moving forward.

Here are a couple of interesting articles from the University of Minnesota and Psychology Today about intuition:



Congratulations for reading this post. I hope you’ve found some useful information.


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