The Iron Door of Confusion

Between the layers

lies a collective confusion

about why we’re stuck

in a place where we know

to go

up or down.

Behind the iron door

in a space where there is no place

for joy or terror

in a place where we know

we should go

up or down.

Where the walls replaced

the once brilliant views

where there were no walls

there are now caverns of confusion

in a place where we know

to go up or down.

We move, we follow,

we express our sorrow.

But what do we do?

We pry open the iron door where we know

to go

up or down.

Laughter subsides

and we all arise

awakened to the choices

awakened by the voices

of the children  playing

and the trees are swaying

away from the collusion

and much confusion

form the place where we know

to go

neither up nor down.

— Wendy Who Walks With Wildflowers


Illumination Process

Tree of light with the 6 new chakras

Are you on an illuminated spiritual journey? Do you ever feel a bit confused and alone? I urge you to reach out, to find others going through a similar experience. We are here to help one another.

This past week, I attended a group discussion at the studio of Jill Sand Consulting. Jill shared some very interesting information that helps to explain a lot of what has gone on with me over the past few years. Thank you Jill, for following your guidance. And many thanks to Karen Downing who explains  the Chakra Ascension process in her blog at

During the discussion, we were given a lot of information about Chakra Ascension. I like to call it spiritual illumination. I could feel others were a bit confused at first, with our protective egos popping up, saying, “Hey, where is this information coming from? How can I trust it?” I asked the questions of Jill who explained it very kindly to us.

Like many new concepts, the information flows in front of us through our spiritual guides, our intuition and from earthly guides, mentors and teachers. With my protective ego at ease, my observational/nonjudgmental ego to surfaced.  My soul recognized the information as truth.  I relaxed and the information came through much more clearly.

Like I said, there was A LOT of information. It rattled and tumbled around a bit. I woke up the next day ready to simplify, communicate and share! Woohoo! Cuz that’s what I do. I like to simplify with graphics to help communication. The greatest graphic design dream.

Following is a short meditation to get started. This meditation came about in 2015 around the time of Molly Friedenfeld’s spring retreat after I noticed a lot of people needed to feel safe to move forward. You’ll notice later how there is a direct tie-in with the topic for today.
– – –

Illumination Meditation

(I recommend you record yourself reading the meditation and then play it back for maximum effects)

⁃    Stand with your feet hip-distance apart or with them touching or seated with both feet on the ground.
⁃    Close your eyes. Roll your shoulders back.
⁃    Balance the right and left hemispheres of your brain. The masculine and feminine energies. Place your hands in prayer position in front of your heart. Press your thumbs into your sternum at the center of your chest.
⁃    Bend your knees slightly. Come up on the balls of your feet and then place your heels lightly on the floor.
⁃    Imagine a string pulling the top of your head up to the sky. Your spine aligning gently like a strand of beautiful pearls on the side of a strong, majestic tree.
⁃    Connect with your light within. With each breath go deeper and deeper within yourself. Feel the warm light.
⁃    Take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
⁃    Open your eyes. If you feel dizzy, please sit down.
⁃    Starting from the top of your head, tap or pat lightly from the top of your head all the way down your face, neck, arms, body, legs and down to your feet.
⁃    Pause at your feet. Breathe. Visualize a warm red light.
⁃    That warm red light extends like roots from the bottom of your feet into the earth. Your roots give stability to the earth. Feel safe and secure.
⁃    Repeat. “I AM SAFE. I AM MOVING FORWARD”. three times.
⁃    Bring that warm red light up the roots through your feet and up your legs. Pat your feet and legs all the way up to your belly button. Pat. Pat. Pat.
⁃    Rest both of your hands on your belly button. Visualize an orange light. Pause. Breathe.
⁃    Here at the belly button, know you are nourished and intuitively know what you need every moment.
⁃    Repeat “I AM INSPIRED AND I AM NOURISHED.” three times.
⁃    Bring your hands out in front of you with your palms facing up. Feel a yellow light. Pause. breathe
⁃    With the yellow light, manifest all you need and know you are worthy. Accept it into every part of your being. Bring your hands together in gratitude.
⁃    Repeat “I AM WORTHY AND I AM STRONG.” three times. Pause. Breathe
⁃    Bring your hands now to your heart. Visualize the color green. Pause with your hands at your heart center at the center of your chest. Breathe.
⁃    Feel the green color within you. It fills your lungs with each breath. And with each breath it radiates out like the branches of a magnificent tree. Visualize the green light extending out as far as you can imagine and further. You are receiving unconditional love, peace and compassion.
⁃    Move your hands out and up as if they are the branches of a beautiful tree. The green leaves giving life. Sway and soar with the air currents.
⁃    Repeat three times “I AM LOVED. I AM ACCEPTED.”
⁃    Bring your hands up each arm, wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug. Receive that green light full of unconditional love and compassion. Pause. Breathe it all in.
⁃    Move your hands up to your face. Place a hand on each cheek. Visualize a silver blue light. Pause. Breathe.
⁃    This silver blue light radiates out from your 3rd eye. Visualize  the silver blue light that helps you communicate with your your soul and the souls of others. The silver blue light is much like the silver blue clouds of the sky. Pause and know you are connected to spirit and your soul, receiving crystal-clear guidance every moment. Breathe.
⁃    Gently trace or tap your nose, cheeks, ears and the back of your head. Up and around your forehead. Your ears. your chin, your jaw.
⁃    Breathe it in the silver blue light. Exhale it out. Pause with your fingers at your 3rd eye.
⁃    Repeat three times, “I AM CONNECTED WITH MY SOUL AND I AM KNOWING.”
⁃    We’re now at the top of your head. Bring both hands up, way up above your head. As far as you can comfortably reach. Feel a violet light filling the space between your hands. Pause. Breathe.
⁃    Visualize a white light with gold flecks extending as far up above your hands as you can imagine. The light takes you places you have never been before. Here you have a divine connection, recall all that your soul knows as truth. Know you are free to release those hidden truths.
⁃    Wiggle your fingers and sprinkle that white light over your body.
⁃    Repeat three times, “I AM PEACEFUL AND I AM TRUTHFUL.”
⁃    With your hands extended up above your head, reach up and then bring them out to either side as if in a bubble. See the white light extending out and protecting you. Bring your hands down toward the earth bring them back together in prayer position at your heart center. Rub them together briskly. Place one on each side of your face and open your eyes.
⁃    Repeat your name 3 times. “I AM ____________________.”
⁃    Welcome to the present moment. Be with this moment and know you are and always have been and always will be illuminated from within.

⁃    Thank you!


Knowing we are safe and connected with the earth is a very important part of the illumination process.

To me, feeling safe has been an important part of my journey. During the spring of 2015, I too found myself needing to know I am safe to move forward. I used LilyTiger Guidance Cards every day or so. And guess what kept coming up? A root chakra card! “I AM SAFE”

Why did I need to feel safe? So much stuff has happened in my life that put me in constant fight or flight mode. A constant adrenaline rush of go – go – go – escape. I had to find a way to feel safe for survival. So, after the root chakra cards popped up I practiced self Reiki, acupressure, attended a wonderful retreat, participated in healing circles, wore a healing medallion and practiced meditation much like the one here in this blog. It worked, I know I am safe. I feel stable and am moving forward in a state of joy and gratitude.

I know I am connected to the earth. It will always be here for me.

The second thing I did this past year that helped me to feel more peaceful was to feel worthy and accepted. To know I am worthy of joy and love and forgiveness. Forgiveness of myself and others. Creating and wearing a sacred name healing medallion daily has helped me reach a state of self acceptance and worthiness. I won’t go over any activity in this blog entry. But I urge you, if you haven’t done it already, to find someone or something that can guide you through an exercise of self acceptance and worthiness. Late last year I experienced a very helpful tapping sequence led by Julie Jacky.


So . . . now we get back to the main topic: Energy Center Illumination.


Energy Center and Chakra Illumination illustration and symbols created by Wendy Hurd of LilyTiger Creative

You see here that the chakras have been, for many of us, a core group of 7 energy wheels. All lined up, each developing throughout our lives. And carrying on as they should. Life has been good for the most part.

But now . . . change is occurring and has occurred. Exciting! Confusing! Mixed emotions.  Everyone is different. There is no right or wrong. There is no hierarchy. It happens differently for everyone.


In the Pre-illumination Stage you see the 7 old chakras lined up and encased in a container.

Are you familiar with glow sticks? The kind you might get for kids at Halloween? Well, the old chakras in the pre-illumination stage are like a glow stick still in the package. In order to light up, an external source snaps the stick with just enough force to release the chemical reaction. And then after that it glows and leads the way!

The illumination process is much like that. In the beginning. We are a fuel cell filled with energy and light. And then something comes along with enough force to ignite us.

That brings us to the 2nd stage. The Ignition Stage. A force strong enough at our heart center needs to happen in order for ignition to take place. One thing or a combination of events. Something with a strong emotional charge. A deep depression or illness or a loved one’s transition.  Something happens that triggers our soul to open our heart and set our heart free. Ultimately it is our decision. We need to move forward and seek out the change.

In my personal experience, it was a combination of events that ignited my heart opening. My son enlisting in the military catapulted me into knowing I needed more than a physical connection. My soul told me something needed to change. That change was the start of my personal illumination process. It has taken me 7 years. I can confidently share with you that I am well on my way to opening up my Ultimate Being Chakra.

I found a key that unlocks the door. Many of you have also. And if you haven’t, you will in your own time.

And when that happens. That ignition. Our heart light energy glows brighter. This is the Attraction Stage. The heart chakra  becomes a magnet and attracts the new chakras. The changes happen over the course of moments, days, weeks, months or years.

Let’s review what just happened.  The glow stick contains the the 7 old chakras. A positive force comes along and snaps the container. The force releases our heart chakra. The heart chakra attracts new chakras like a magnet.

In the Attraction Stage, the heart chakra attracts new chakras that waited for us at a soul level.

A few old chakras fade and go away, some change. The new chakras come into alignment. This is the Alignment Stage which happens over time and is different for everyone. There are stops and starts. One by one, the new chakras align and work together to create a state of illumination.

Here are the new chakras in the Illumination Stage. I’ll explain their roles starting with the Earth Root Chakra at the feet and move to the top of your head for the new Ultimate Being Chakra.


•    Earth Root Chakra (red) radiates red light below our feet and into the earth.  Focus on connection with the past and moving forward and connecting us with the earth.
•    Belly Button Chakra (tangerine orange). Focuses on nourishment, group need, energy, creativity and intuition.
•    Hand Chakra (yellow). Focuses on giving and receiving, manifestation, sense of self and gratitude
•    Universal Love Chakra (green) and radiates a green light as far as you can imagine and further. Focuses on unconditional love, peace and compassion
•    Soul Star Chakra (silver blue) radiates  silver blue light as far as you can imagine on all planes and dimensions. The Soul Star Chakra focuses on spiritual truth, connecting with spirit, communication, perception, clarity and telepathy.
•    Ultimate Being Chakra (violet) radiates a white light with gold flecks. Focuses on divine connection, releasing hidden truths and much more.  Let your imagination go with this one! Remote viewing, bi-location, connecting with multiple dimensions of the universe as well as the grid of time and space.
And the super cool thing about all of this is how the energy centers radiate way beyond us!

To help simplify even more, close your eyes and see a butterfly or a dragon fly or a beautiful tree. Anything, you pick. The tail or tip or root system red; the body or trunk orange, yellow and magenta; the lower wings or leaves are green; the upper wings or sky are silver blue and the antennae are a shimmering white with gold flecks.

Energy center illumination with the 6 new chakras

Tree of light with the 6 new chakras
The illumination process happens in cycles. The process of encapsulated energy cell to breaking free to attracting change to illumination can happen again and again. But as we go along, the stages shorten and become a bit easier to get through. Eventually the illuminated stage lengthens and becomes brighter and brighter.

This explains how and why there are many more teachers of light out there today. They are able to sustain this illumination. Their wings are larger and brighter. They fly further and higher.  Branches are bigger, stronger, longer.

It’s very simple. Visualize a butterfly or dragonfly or a tree.


The symbols you see on the illustrations are each created from the words representing the chakra names and duties. Geometric symbols are key to utilizing the energy of the chakras.


Thank you to Jill Sand Consulting for sharing the Chakra Ascension process with me. Thank you to Karen Downing of Your Soul Mission for the details about Chakra Ascension.


If you would like more information or would like to contact me for graphic design, a sacred name healing medallion or guidance cards please send me an email at

How do the LilyTiger Intuitive cards work?

LilyTiger Graphic Design and Reiki Energy Healing

Each of Wendy’s sessions includes an intuitive card reading. The LilyTiger Intuitive Cards (also called the Sunshine Heart Cards) are a tool. The cards reveal what is already known – bringing the information up to a conscious level.

The cards REVEAL truth. Here’s how the tool could work for a person:

  1. Emotions have an impact on our physiology.
  2. Each person knows intuitively what is needed to feel better.
  3. Making a conscious choice to feel better, the person chooses the correct cards.
  4. The cards then reveal what the person already knows but may have not put into words.
  5. Once identified, the person then has an opportunity to mature the negative emotional state into a positive emotional state.
  6. The shift moves faster at this point in several ways:
    1. reflection
    2. creation of affirmations
    3. asking for help
    4. energy work such as Reiki
    5. other integrative therapies from dozens of modalities

This is one scenario. Each person is different of course and there is no guarantee of cure or diagnosis. It’s a step in the journey.

Congratulations on making the decision to move forward. Everything is going to work out.


Here is a good article about the impact of emotions on health:

LilyTiger Intuitive Wellness Cards by Wendy Hurd Creative. Reiki healing
LilyTiger Intuitive Cards with Healing Medallion


Evolving emotions for wellness

LilyTiger Intuitive Wellness Cards by Wendy Hurd Creative. Reiki healing

I created the LilyTiger Intuitive Wellness cards with the intent to help people do several things: feel better; trust their intuition; communicate what is needed for energy balance; and recognize the importance thoughts and emotions have on our physical, mental and spiritual existence.

The negative emotions block us from thriving. Reiki and other alternative modalities help to open up the blockages and allow energy to flow more freely throughout. This flow leads to balance which in turn helps us do the things we’ve always wanted to do.

Here is a very good article written by Karen Lawson MD from the University of Minnesota website about how emotions impact health:

Blocked emotions are tied to so many issues. I’ve found that sometimes the emotions are so deep that we can’t find the words to express what it is that is going on. That’s where the Intuitive cards come in. Each card has a negative and positive emotion on it. Each one corresponds to an energy center in our body that could be blocked with the negative emotions. The card is chosen by your energy because it knows what is needed.

The intent of wanting to feel better + the communication of the card + the creation of a positive statement + the help of a holistic wellness practitioner = evolving into wellness.

Our bodies know what we need to heal. If we recognize that, and if we allow it to communicate, AND we ask for help, we start moving forward.

Here are a couple of interesting articles from the University of Minnesota and Psychology Today about intuition:

Congratulations for reading this post. I hope you’ve found some useful information.