Reiki energy healing to relieve pain

I’ve worked with several clients who were in pain from old injuries, pain from surgery or other reasons. Reiki has helped them all. And in many cases helped the client to completely relieve the pain.

Time and time again, clinical research is showing Reiki improves the lives by helping to relax the body. This relaxation allows the body’s natural ability to heal kick in. The Reiki energy works on a physical, mental and spiritual level and that is why it is so effective. The energy resides in all areas, therefore just treating the physical symptoms sometimes does not work.

One client of mine had knee pain for over 20 years. The pain is now gone, thanks to having a Reiki session twice. The same client was relieved of lower back pain and ankle injury pain. The side benefit of the Reiki healing energy was the ability to stop smoking! Something the client has never been able to do longer than a couple of months at a time.

I feel so incredibly lucky and thankful to be able to share Reiki with people.

Here is a link to a site with many other positive Reiki reports:

Thank you again.



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