Let go of the trauma of old injuries

Wendy's Intuitive Tellings of Truth for You

Get a move on with an energy healing technique called “shape shifting.”
A gentle way of changing the energy of old injuries into something the
body can easily flush out.

It’s a technique practiced by holistic energy healers to help bodies heal faster. You can try it yourself or with guidance from your favorite energy worker.

LilyTiger Energy Healing

  1. Identify the trouble spot
  2. Sit comfortably
  3. Center yourself by taking in 3 deep breaths (inhale, exhale)
  4. Visualize yourself grounded to the earth.
  5. Close your eyes and connect with the trouble spot.
  6. What does it look like to you? Color? Shape? Texture? Sound? Smell?
  7. Visualize this shape for a moment.
  8. With your hands, take the shape, scoop it up and give it to the earth.
  9. Repeat 3 times
  10. Keep your eyes closed and visualize the shape again. Notice any changes.
  11. Repeat until the shape becomes something you feel better about.
  12. Lie down and relax for as long as possible. Pay attention to your breath and listen to calming music.

Wendy employed a version of this technique as needed. Each Reiki consultation included: Reiki, wellness card reading and a personal hand-made healing medallion.

Thank you for the wonderful experience.


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