Original goodness. Each and every being is.

A friend of mine shared an inspirational and peaceful passage from Richard Rohr.

My favorites:

Beginning with the positive instead of a problem is the healthiest and most hopeful way to find wholeness.
We must now rebuild on a foundation of original goodness.  You must begin with yes.

The one thing I’d like to revise is: “The Earth itself is Christos, is Buddha, is Allah, is Gaia.” Revise it to: each and every being is.

About 6 years ago I went to Chicago thinking that I would find something better for my career, life, etc. I was on a tour with my husband and as we waiting in line for the tour to start, I took a photo of him sitting in the sun. I pulled the photo up later to share on social media and said something like, “sometimes happiness is right in front of you.” My husband is usually very content and happy. He falls asleep instantly and has an easy smile. I felt angry with his ease at times and would try my hardest to make him feel as miserable as I felt. It was one of my talents to spread misery to those around me.

I was always looking for harmony outward.  And if is wasn’t found, I would spread disharmony. Where can I escape to? What can I buy? More. More. More. What I really needed to do was look within. For less, less, less. This summer has been a continuation of my unplanned journey. The past year I had goals for relaxation, education, relationship, work and financial. One of the goals was to make a certain amount of money, an amount I thought I needed to survive. Well, life has brought me a greater gift. The gift of less. What it has done and what I am able to accept is less of everything. I used to travel here and there, plan dozens of trips. Take class after class after class. Take on project after project and get them finished in record time without pause. But now, I have fewer projects, less money coming in but I am fine. Just fine. Instead of rushing off to Lake Superior or registering for the next retreat or class, I borrow a book from the library and spend time on my back porch reading in peace. Feed my pets the most wonderful food. Play. Take long walks. And find ways to heal relationships.

Thank you so very, very much!

Enjoy the moment of original goodness.


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