Speechless confirmation of light and love

Many amazing things happened this week. Here is one that left me speechless: While volunteering time as a Reiki practitioner at the hospital, I stopped by one of the nursing stations. I introduced myself and asked if anyone could direct me to a patient that might be interested in energy therapy to help them relax. One nurse listed three names. I thanked her. And then the unexpected happened. An M.D. looked up from her computer and said in a very quiet voice, “I would like to request energy therapy for a patient as well.” I was speechless. What a wonderful confirmation of light and love!
Not that I am always looking for confirmation. But it sure is nice to get an unexpected boost. As the first Reiki volunteer at the hospital, I’ve spent the past year quietly introducing myself to nurses and patients. Learning so much from every interaction, every individual.
As a reflection, I look back and remember how I felt terrified walking down the halls, into the rooms. Wondering if what I was doing was something that would be embraced. Washing my hands over and over. As an extreme empath, I felt drained. But I found the way. After each session, I feel grateful to walk down to the meditation sanctuary of the hospital and walk the labyrinth for each patient. Breathing for them. Sending them light.
It has been an amazing and surprising journey. I now feel energized with every moment I am there. And feel incredibly grateful for every guiding moment. For every individual.
Every individual has the power within them. All they need is the reminder to relax and recall the power. All I do is show up.

Thank you from Wendy Hurd Creative.

Gratitude Medallions. Hand made art by Wendy Hurd


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