The future of Reiki. Informative video.

I’d like to share with you an informative video created by William Rand.

William Rand shares his idea about the trend Reiki will take in the future by first describing an evidenced based history of Reiki. This will include a synopsis of how Usui Sensei, Hayashi Sensei, and Takata Sensei practiced and taught Reiki. He will also be talking about the essence of Reiki and how Reiki can be a spiritual practice. He will then explain the direction he thinks the practice of Reiki will take in the future. This is a content rich talk that includes many important details and concepts. Recorded via Skype from Michigan for the 2015 Australian Reiki Connection Conference.

William Lee Rand, founder and president of The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), The Center for Reiki Research and The Reiki Membership Association. He has many credentials. I am grateful to him and his organization for their professional work ethic and attention to the advancement of Reiki to help others.


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