Really? Are you surprised? Come on.

WE CREATE OUR REALITY. We are hypocrites every one of us. We celebrate violence with our actions. But then we gasp in horror when someone carries out the acts in real time.
We pay to see the movies, play the games, sing the songs, recite the poetry, play the music, paint the visual, visit the museum, and read the books. We award the display of violence. We practice violence as a society every moment. And then a person actually does the very thing we tell them not to do.
Really? Are you surprised? Deep down. If you are honest with yourself. Are you surprised that any of this is happening? Good grief. Wake up.
We tell them not to do something but then sell, celebrate and award the very thing we tell them not to do. It’s like telling a child not to eat the candy from Halloween but then we go and take some and eat it ourselves right before bed or have it for breakfast. What’s the difference? Basically none. Same principal and obviously different outcomes. But you get it.
Take a look in the mirror. What horror movie do you adore? What war game do you play for hours? I know that is different from carrying out acts of violence BUT there are a certain number of the population, obviously, that is capable of doing it for real.
Think about it. WE CREATE OUR REALITY.
Interesting conversation today about the individuals being reprimanded for sexual misconduct. Yes, there should be ZERO TOLERANCE for disrespecting others, especially children. We should honor and respect children always and forever. Treat them with loving kindness.
But . . . we have created the monsters. Yes, we are responsible. The movie roles that are written, the books written, the awards given for performances all add to the potential and ultimate reality that one of those individuals will become the monster they act out in the movie or play.
And then when they do become the character they have practiced and have been awarded for, we turn around and we are surprised? Good grief. We are surprised? We have celebrated the person for all the horrendous characters he has portrayed.
WE CREATE OUR REALITY. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE. It is not just the one person, it is ALL of us.
And now that we are awake, now that we have been jolted out of our blur. Now that we have clarity. We must this very moment change our thoughts and behavior. For what you expect from one person, you must also practice yourself. DO NOT say, “Oh I loved that movie” when it has a predator in it that if, they were in your home you would banish them forever. Why watch the movie and adore it but then do a complete 180 degree move and call it horrendous. WHAT IS GOING ON?
I’ll tell you what is going on. We are looking at ourselves for what we really are. And we don’t like what we see. So we are evolving. We are changing. Embrace it and love yourself. It’s hard work but we can do it.
I am equally guilty. As we all are. Every one of us has thoughts and carries out actions that we want to imprison others for. And if you say you have never thought or done anything of that nature, you are lying.
Not that we should excuse the behavior but perhaps judge less harshly and take actions that are more kind. Stop yourself from thinking harsh thoughts, saying harsh words, carrying out harsh actions. Focus on loving kindness. Not the false loving kindness but true kindness that comes from the heart. That which is unconditional. It is humble.
It starts with me. In this moment I practice loving kindness and it is my life’s work to embody that which I know I am capable and want for myself. I want to be treated with loving kindness, therefore I shall only think, say and do that which I expect of others. I know, this is what we’ve heard over and over, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” but to truly live it? I take on the challenge. Not that I will be sickly sweet but my intent is to be REAL. To breathe and be real.

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