Species That Ignore Suffering

What if we are wrong? What if living forever is not the ultimate? Perhaps the most evolved species are those that do not suffer.

Fear culture is based on living forever. How did that start? When did we decide that the continuation of our species was to live forever? What if living is only a minuscule part of our essence? What if we were to trust? Trust the source within us all.

And who started the notion that death is horrible and bad?

This comes to mind approximately a week after I witnessed our dear companion, Huggy Bear, transition into a peaceful essence. He was a 11-year-old collie. A beautiful being. Two observations had a huge impact on me.

First, when he was given an injection to relax I noticed that for the first time in his life he was truly relaxed. Tears are rolling as I write this because it’s amazing and sad that he spent 11 years as a tense and anxious being. Always guiding us and herding us and caring for us and others. His burden was great. With his long, white fur he was noticed for his physical presence many, many times. I sensed that he found his appearance to be not his true self. “Yes, but, I just a normal goofy dog.”

Second, a couple of days after his transition, I asked for him to show me a sign that he was with us in spirit. I sensed a subtle presence but for some reason, my ego needed more because I was feeling remorse and wondering if I had done the right thing by assisting with his transition by calling a vet to come to our home to ease his transition.

I did receive a sign and it was amazing. While on my way to the office, before me the entire road was a vivid pink for at least a quarter mile. And then in the skyway on the way home, there was a man wearing a vivid pink sequined jacket. The road and the skyway was pink that day. Thank you Huggy Bear.

With the first example of the relaxation, I was suddenly very aware that Huggy Bear had suffered greatly while he graced us with his presence here on earth. And in our selfishness, we held onto him as if honoring his life by letting him go would be the end of us. And, as it turns out, it was the end of us in way. The end of the years of holding this beautiful being hostage in






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