Sunshine Hurls Immense Truth

Narcissists are trapped in a wormhole of self-obsessed neediness, unable to truly give.” – Julie L. Hall, survivor; writer @ NarcissistFamilyFiles, HuffPo, PsychCntrl

Freedom and flight of heart was given to me as I a light-hearted chat that became insightful and ever so magnificent. “Have you read the Reddit feed titled ‘Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents’?”


And then the traits of these adult children were revealed to me . . . ALL of which I could relate on many levels.


“Oh my God!” “Oh . . . My . . . . God . . . !”

The next day was spent in deep research. A good amount of discernment is needed with this topic, as it seems to be a mixed bag of helpful survivor tips and whiny victim rants. It’s best to stick with that which empowers and uplifts. The articles and videos highlighted every aspect of my own childhood and what I have experienced as an adult. Not only am I a survivor, but shamefully, I also have narcissistic moments/days/weeks/years. Something I work on constantly to fix and apologize for to all my children, family and friends – and animal companions, co-workers, neighbors, guides, etc. A long list which I will be working on for the rest of my life.

A post-it note on my computer reads, “I look forward to knowing the unknown.” This recent revelation has set me free in ways I had never imagined. The breath comes more easily, the steps lighter, the light brighter, the slumber deeper, and more yet to be.

I crave to know and to be my true self, even if my true self is a bit narcissistic at times. Even if I am truly angry, cruel,grumpy, irritable, needy, stand-offish and snooty. Also joyful, pixie-like, childish, generous, peaceful and prosperous.



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