Swaddle Harmony, I Transcribe

We are at war with the young people that we’ve given guns to since they were old enough to hold a game controller or a mouse. Let there be peace, let them know that they are all loved, loving and love and there is nothing they need to save the world from. For we are all safe. Let us go back in time to the very moment fear was felt and give it back to the source from which it came.

Take full responsibility for teaching children that they are safe and loved and that we are here to protect and guide each other with loving kindness.
Go back in time. Yes we can do it. Go back and cradle the infants. Rejoice in every conception and every child. Go back through the generations and ages. Cherish one another.

Children are of the peaceful universe. I know they are. We must remind them. It is our responsibility.

We must bond together and be the kind of energetic shift we know is possible. And we know it is possible in this instant. We do not have to suffer any longer. Ask all to put down the weapons of all kinds. And in return, a tranquility like we’ve never experienced will wash over the world with such grace that we’ll all gasp with amazement.

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