Swaddle Her/Him In Tenderness


This is not optional. It is a must.

Woke up this morning reviewing the previous day and how a colleague was expressing anger about something and it was directed toward me which made no sense. So worked it out for the moment. But the anger bubbled up again. What is the source of the anger? My ego wanted it to be something about me or something about my colleague. But the truth is, that the anger rises from the knowing that WE MUST LOVE THE CHILDREN.

A couple of weeks ago I had an extremely vivid dream of war declared and the streets were filled with people. But they were not harming each other, they were simply filling the streets. As I looked down upon the streets from a very high place, I turned to my son and asked, “But why?” to which he replied, “Because they killed someone.”

That “someone” is the child in all of us. The one that was not nurtured. The one who was taken away from our parents. The one who was traumatized at one point in our lives. The one who cries and screams in terror. The one who has learned to hide. But we must not hide. We must be the strong, graceful and brilliant warrior. We must never be locked away. We must keep figuring out how to get out of the cage until someone listens to us.  We must partner. We must connect with one another. We must be the catalyst for change.


This is not optional. It is a must.

Take action. Love yourself. Love your children. Love your animal companions. Love the earth. Love the sun. Love the moon. Love the stars. Love one another.

In my dream there was a specific weapon that was being prepared to use but was not used in my dream, it was being called up out of storage. The dimensions were very exact. A 3″ x 5″ foil packet. In my dream I looked with confusion as the packets were taken out of storage. It was as if they were going to be used against the people in the streets unless they figured it out for themselves.

I beg you. Please figure this out for yourselves. Call up every ounce of courage within yourself and reach out to one another with compassion and grace. We have reached a tipping point in society where we must learn to be civilized.


This is not optional. It is a must.



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