Silly Hiccups Incur Tears

Sitting across from my sister, she looks at me and says, “Oh, you are now free to be a happy little girl!” It was her compassionate and loving response to one story told and then another more recent telling that I am stepping out of an old skin to reveal my true self.

You see, even six months ago, “stepping out of my skin” would have been interpreted as revealing the true evil that resides. But not today. For the day after the day started with a recall that deep inside there is a little girl who likes to feel pretty, to sing, to dance and express pure joy. Sadness, anger and a bit of disgust are there as well but when they bubble up they are expressed without the fear of rejection.

The essence of an indescribable need to translate the unheard into something of beauty and grace also comes forth. For now it is only tears. Tears watching the documentary “Won’t you be my neighbor” about Mr. Rogers. Tears standing in front of a wild bird sanctuary cage where two beautiful owls reside now trapped until they choose to transition into freedom. Tears of gratitude and love for the animal companions that have patiently taught me the meaning of grace.

The end of this week, the keys to the peaceful dwelling will be given back. Handed off to the next recipient in search of peaceful joy. May they embrace the light of that which resides in their heart.


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