Slimness Hurls Inner Torpedoes

Dinner with a friend can be as enlightening as an entire year of strife if one simply settles in to enjoy the conversation. Thank you dear friend for gracing me with your presence. For giving my day the civilized joy of which I seek. Because sometimes sitting across from someone over wonderful plates of food is the most simple connection and yet the most powerful. Powerful enough to move the essence of self into a mode of action and acceptance. Thank you.

Thoughts worthy of pondering today:

What if gluten intolerance stems from decades of being told that “thin is in”? What if we have turned a source of nourishment into poison with our thoughts and our need to feel loved? Have we changed our physical chemistry?

What if not caring what other people think is possible?

And if not caring what other people think is possible, what are we here for? What if it does not matter that we are here? Or there? Or anywhere?

What if we knew we are loved and loving? What if we knew we are graced just by being?


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