Structure Hides Internal Twinkling

Structure the self in such a way that your divine light shines through like you were born to illuminate all from within. But then again I question that statement like I question everything. Because it seems if we align with only those who seem to be like us then we never expand. It’s like shining a flashlight in the dark only straight ahead. But if a lantern was brought in to light up the night fully, then we would see everything around us and be amazed.

Such is the thinking tonight as the concept of loving one another stands before me. It seems as if the loving of another too close binds the other. It keeps them from reaching out for the next branch. Or to let go completely. Risk falling or flying or swimming or floating or even crashing. For with the experience of falling, we may find a surprising strength to rise up and repair that which has been broken. Or better yet, to accept that which is now cracked and scratched and scarred for those are the very things that build character and grace.

May we love one another in such a way that allows for expansion. May our love of one another allow many viewpoints and different perspectives, We are not living on a small island without a way out. We are not imprisoned for we have the key to the door. in fact we have the keys to all the doors. Open them one by one or a few at a time.

Climb to the top and look out around, the view is much different than within the forest. Climb on a plane and get the best window seat available and look below. See the space between and take note of how close we are connected through technology. That technology has allowed us to realize how connected we are. But when we look from above, we see how far we have come and how far we have yet to travel.


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