Serving Human Interests Thrills

This morning I awoke early with the desire to ask for help from a source outside of myself. I reached out, asking for love and promised to give love in return. That simple statement of giving love in return catapulted me into a revelation. A sort of “aha” moment that I was not expecting.

A vision for myself turned inside out and thus was manifested miraculously by simply accepting that which was a flip of a previous condition.

Work. Yes work. The definition of which I had been taught and struggled with most of my life until now. My PREVIOUS definition of work was of having a job and serving the employer in exchange for money. My PREVIOUS definition. But now! Now! I realize that what a do for my job is truly play, service, purpose, rejuvenation and companionship. A source of joy and civilization where I get to practice compassionate communication and channel healing streams of grace. A person thriving and surviving daily.

For years, my goal was to “work” 324 hours per year and bring home a certain dollar amount. With my previous definition of “work,” it was quite a stretch but I knew it was possible. The vision was repeated over and over again – out loud and on paper.

The revelation, thank you to the graceful exchange with benevolent beings, is that my “work” is actually things like household chores. The basic survival things I “must” do. And that work does take up 324 hours per year – about 3.7% of the entire year.  All this time, I did not realize that my goal of working 324 hours per year was manifested much more quickly than I had previously realized.

The other 96.3% of the year or 8,436 hours are spent on everything but work.

The immediate effects are astounding! The list is long.

Thank you.







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