Society Hilariously Infers Transference

I’d like to apologize to my children for participating naively in a culture and society that judges every thing, every action, every thought. I vow be a more accepting and graceful human and to embrace the term “human kind.”

I accept society, culture, myself and others. But at the same time, I enforce boundaries for myself and others.

This comes at the end of a solid month of intense activity which revealed wonderful capabilities and abilities. Work turned into play. And life is now simplified with a balance of play and rejuvenation. Yes. PLAY + REJUVENATION. They are one in the same. It’s a simple decision to view from a different perspective.

What was once work and drudgery is now a source of playful creativity and challenging opportunities to grow and learn. Conflict is now opportunity to rejuvenate.

With gratitude and grace this moment shines brilliant in the halls of records.


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