Grand Reality Accentuates Coincidental Evolution

If you’re following these musings, you’ll notice a shift from S.H.I.T. to G.R.A.C.E.

This comes after a painful circle experience where I sat across from someone who was getting bombarded with advice to “see the light,” “be nice,” “what if you observed it with love” and so on. The person was so confused and perhaps sad. I had to speak up. All the earthly angels were filled with good intention but I felt like I was a volcano erupting with compassion. As the woman was being encouraged to flow love to a person that had overstepped their boundaries with her, she asked, “What?! Are you telling me that I should be friends with this guy? You’re telling me to be nice to him?”

I spoke up.  What she is going through right now is shit and to get out a big shovel. I said more than that of course but those are the words that pretty much triggered me into GRACE rather than SHIT. It was not a pretty or peaceful state but hopefully civilized. The passionate rant lasted a good hour or so before I finally integrated the experience.

I have officially complete the task of shoveling. I’ve gotten through my own pile and all that is left is nourishing fertilizer for beautiful flowers to thrive.

Thrive. Thrive. THRIVE.

PTSD = P.erson T.hriving and S.urviving D.aily.

Thank you. May the song of the moment be the brilliant resonance of grace.

And so it is.


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