Groups Rank As Civility Evolves

This is the second installment of G.R.A.C.E. and it reminds me of when individuals talk about getting a “download” of information leading to a significant amount of information to share or a significant change in reality. I genuinely cannot say if I have ever received such.

Observation of late with regard to the eulogies given at John McCain’s memorial service inspires questions and conversation regarding judgement and love. Witnessing the situation where one is placed on a pedestal leads me to deduce that each message broadcast is one that others can learn from. Learn about resilience, love of family, love of community, friendship, strength, etc. The practice of discernment when it comes to placing others in a superior space simply because of a perceived sacrifice made on behalf of others is in the interpretation. Discernment itself is a form of judgement in order to filter free will and decisions to take action or not.

What is the definition of sacrifice? According to a Bing search, this was given as one of the definitions of sacrifice: “an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.”

If we are in a present state of mind and state of observation, is there value? Does the concept of more important or worthy exist? Or is all of equal value?

One life is worth just as much as another life. Or is it? Are all of divine light and the essence of grace? Does the reality of the moment shift because one chooses to take action based on hierarchy and status? Does breath cease? Does light and dark disappear?

One could argue that the perception of breath, light and dark shifts. Or does it? One could stop physical breath after choosing to join forces to destroy another due to a perceived call to sacrifice one’s existence in the name of a separate existence.

Or is breath a perception as well? I recall watching a film of a man in India who was still for a very long time and existed on almost nothing. His physical body was viable even though he did not consume food and did not appear to be breathing like others around him. It is a different state of being. It is not wrong or right, it simply is.

To judge one person’s actions and make the person more noble and worthy of more than another is a truth to ponder.





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