Gentle Rain Accentuates Caring Embrace

The life of a person becomes a delicate dance unlike any other. Where one turns, the other dips, one step and another. Swaying. Jumping. Tapping. It’s a beautiful symbiosis.

Random we are not. For the universe gave us the senses to experience this and to recall how to accept. For to wonder we go under and then come up for breath recalling that which we are.

Are we afraid? What if every tale told to scare you into not feeling was false? What if the only reality is this very moment?

I spend this moment recalling the feeling of being in the presence of a very unique and gentle person. One so kind-hearted that every assault on his essence carves away a piece of his core. I choose to spend time with him and remind him of his grace and brilliance. Remind him of how he is fully accepted as he is.  He does not need to be fixed for there is nothing wrong with him.

Grateful am I for the grace of the moment.


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