Going round and circling eternally

I have learned much recently about a rather mysterious series of situations. The lesson: how to free myself of negative in order to embrace the lighter side of myself.

The term “empath” seems to be quite popular lately when describing a person who is sensitive to what is going on with others. An empath might feel a physical ailment or hear the thoughts of another, feel the emotions or visualize what is going on with another. Often times, if the empath is not aware, the messages, emotions, feelings and visualizations get misinterpreted as the empath’s own. When in fact they are not.

In children, this may show up at a very young age when the child expresses very “adult” expressions such as a toddler mentioning despair or anger or physical ailments that cannot be explained. If not explained to the child, the child may then misinterpret the negative as being a reflection of themselves and go through life in a state less joyful than what their natural state is meant to be. AND if not explained to the parent, the parent can feel completely helpless in the face of very challenging situations with regard to their child’s ups and downs.

What then is not “mine”? What can I do to discern quickly? While listening to a Matt Kahn video, he explained that anything negative most likely is not the empath’s own. This seems true in the case of individuals who have described themselves as feeling drawn to being light but at the same time struggle with negative emotions and other symptoms that appear suddenly.

I feel relieved! I tried this for a few days. Any negative emotion that bubbled up, I chose to either dismiss it easily or look into it further for what it might be teaching me.

For instance, I will often have some sad or negative thoughts at the office with regard to my position which will come out of the blue and not be related to anything I am currently working on. I have often tried to associate with a particular project or person but then find out later I had misinterpreted the emotions and that they were incorrect. Sometimes it turns out that the extreme emotions like being let go or extreme dismay will turn out to belong to someone else – an that person will either announce they are leaving the company or the company announces the person’s position was eliminated. This has happened many times.

At the same time, I enjoy a challenge and will hopefully choose curiosity with something arises.

A rather personal and mighty awareness was revealed most recently with regard to personal safety. I had been placing boundaries around myself with regard to my intimate relationship with my husband. Where much of the pain was real, some of it was picked up from the masses of those who have been assaulted. I had been manifesting it as my own pain for years. Yes, years. With the recent realization, I now know my reality is quite safe especially with gentle communication. It will take some time but with patience and learning, I choose to repair a bond which is like no other.

I seek and find my own joy which exponentially radiates to all those around me. I feel light and more able to embrace the joy that I am, the grace that I am and the loving kindness I share with others.





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